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  1. That is right. But, i am not asking about the new idea. I am just asking how to start? like, 1. Do i need to take a course in VLSI or Embedded? or 2. Can i start learning by myself from the books and internet? if so do you have any links or something that can help me I know the basics of Electronics and Comunication from my curriculum. But, I am still in the stage of learning new concepts. I am not an expert in electronics. I am seeking help or guidance to get that expertise. :)
  2. Hello Guys, I am Pandiarajan. I did my undergraduation in Electronics and communication Engineering. Now, i am working as a LabVIEW Developer. I would like to achieve something great. Especially in the field of ELECTRONICS. I am a quick learner. I am little confused to find answer to the questions, How to start? and where to start? I need help at this stage. Could you please help me? :) Regards, Pandiarajan R
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