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  1. u still dont get it. lol. ok so my car (2002 Pontiac Grand AM) has 5 lights on the back. 2 in the bumper that light up like fog lights for backing up. those have 2 LEDs that reflect red on the chrome when the brakes or turnsignal are on. thats one place where this circuit would apply. normaly they dont do anything at all while ur driving. so then theres another 2 lights on either side of the trunk. the tail lights. not gonna mess with these at all. then the 5th is that little strip in the upper middle of the trunk. it has 3 small domes with 1 incandecent bulb each. theyr side by side to make a little strip and they light thru a red reflector lens. this is the other place where this circuit will be put. so...there are no ilegall colors on the car, if i f**K up all the lights i modify theres still the 2 tails on either side of the trunk that the factory installed. if anything ull be seeing me better, not worse. ive had my lights moded like this for quite a while now. the reason i need a circuit is to overide the brake light signal when the turnsignal is on. so there ya go. just give me a link or the shematics of an overide circuit and u prolly wont ever hear from me again. a 2 signal overide circuit will be perfect and simple. just believe me when i tell u that nothing is bad about this. and it wont get me a ticket either. take a look at http://www.cardomain.com/id/lowRIDER2962 thats basicly a myspace for my car. and it includes pictures too. so enjoy.

  2. maybe i should clarify that this is a modification that has nothing to do with the tail lights. this is seperate additional lighting. the 3rd brake light (top center of the trunk) has been modified so now it has 3 sets of 5 LEDs instead of an incandecant lightbulb. the purpose of this circuit im trying to make is so that the 2 sets of 5 LEDs on the edges will flash with the turnsignal. left set with the left signal and right with the right. its a simple mod but its kool. so this is in addition with the brake and turn lights in the stock tail lights.

  3. im hoping that some1 on here can help me creat a basic electronic circuit that can switch between 2 different signals. i have 2 inputs, 1 steady, and 1 flashing, and the circuit will be operating a set of LEDs. one signal is the brake lights, and the other would be the turnsignal on a car. so when the brakes are on, the lights are on steady, when the turnsignal is on, the lights flash with the turnsignal, and when both are on, it still flashes with the turnsignal. i need the circuit to be somewhat basic and not require any programing. if some1 can write up some schematics or post a link or something that will tell me how to do this ill be set. thanks for the help


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