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  1. thanks for attend me dear as i know computer's power supply can be run by dc :) its tested by me u can oprate tv dvd all which are switch mode power supply with out transformer. becaue ac direct to convert dc inside. now think on it again. br
  2. thanks for answer me sir actually i want to make a simple and good inverter. if i use 10000uf then? so i have a idea so i ask now all clear. one thing more to ask... here in my country i see many inverter 12v dc to 220v ac its built here localy . battry charging system i dont know how to make same transformer charge the battrey, i dont know how? if any solution there i need...
  3. hi to all and very pleased to see this forum i have many question but its first i want to ask can i generate a high current 230 with voltage double method? i want to run a pc with it please guide me... here a little clue what i am going to ask.
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