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  1. Then it would appear I have been mislead. Could you please explain what the "pole" and "throw" parts of the switch are and the differences between having double or single of each? Thanks you. Also, do you know of an online UK store where I might be able to guy a gold-plated DPDT switch?
  2. It would appear that what I am after is a double-pole single-throw (DPST) switch. If anybody can provide some advice further than this I would still appreciate it - such as how I might wire it up, though I am going to search for information on this now. Thanks, Paul
  3. I'm wondering if you can help me with how I might go about setting up the following simple circuit: My ultimate goal is to create a small device with inputs of 2x 3mm Jack for audio and an output of a 3mm Jack for audio so that I can plug in 2 audio inputs and choose which one is played through my speakers. Basically all that I need is a switch to choose between the two inputs, which is simple enough except for 3mm Jacks having 2 cables each. This complicates things slightly and effectively the problem becomes: how can I use one switch act as a normal switch on 2 circuits simultaneously (and
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