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  1. Well as usual audioguru got me thinking about driving transistors to saturation. I've been using MOSFETs (sometimes incorrectly) and I have a problem that may or may not have a simple solution. I wanted to use a 2N7000 but it's only rated for 200ma continuous.  I'd like to switch as close to the full 5V as possible for use with a GLCD display. I will see how bright a 2N4401 with its 0.7v drop will run both a 128x64LCD or a standard 2x16 LCD backlight.

    PS the PTC is getting uprated to 250ma (they open at twice their rating)
    PPS the Unicorn can be USB powered or Inchworm+ powered (up to 1A)


  2. It's not a working design. try switching something not lethal first. The gate has no point of reference.
    Also RS is not a great source of HV electronics.

    Is the 500V AC or DC?

    You need isolation between your 10V and the 500V like an optoisolator.

    500V can mess up your day, life etc...

  3. On MOSFETs like the IRF510 which had an on resistance of 0.54 ohm won't even get warm at 350ma. No gate resistor is required and the PICs outputs will drive em fine at 5V. They are expensive though, much more than a 2N2222A + 680ohm resistor.

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