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  1. Hi, I have an old scorpion CD ignition that I use in a classic race car. Problem is that I have fried the transistors and the pcb. ??? Is there somebody out there that can still remember it and has a write up of it. Better still, maybe someone has the original article as published in Popular Electronics all those years back. I would realy like to retain it as it is physically small and worked well until I did something stupid :-[ If all else fails maybe someone has something similar?
  2. Hi, Find yourself a +- 220v/12v transformer capable of handling 200ma, a 1a bridge rectifier, and a 1000mfd 25v electrolytic capasitor and a piece of veroboard. Over a switch and a fuse take the 220v to the transformer with the rectifier in serie and the cap in parrallel you should get a bit more than 12v to power your LED's. But I must warn you The mains supply of 220 volt is very lethal. If you know nothing about power electronics leave it alone and rather go and buy yourself a comercial power supply that is capable of handling the power of LED's. The current of smal led's is a couple of mA and bigger ones do not need a lot more. Enjoy!
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