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  1. how to design 300V,0.266A output using SMPS Switch?
  2. hi, can we use a high power handling SMPS switch for a low power.
  3. hi, Actually there are 8 boards. 6 are working fine. only 2 boards are giving the problem. fuse blows when no battery is connected to the output. power suuply o/p is 5V & battery for battery 3.6V is needed. :)
  4. output power is 1.25W. we used 10E,1w fusible resistor. it got blowed & diode in the bridge rectifier connected in the neutral path also got blowed.then we used 20E,1W fusible resistor, again same thing happened. can u assist me what to do further? ther e is no current meter. my question was is there any relation b/w primary peak current to choose the value of fusible resistor or fuse. if not how to calculate fuse value.
  5. how to identify the value of chip capacitor? code is not written in that capacitor. i can make out that is ceramic chip capacitor
  6. sorry I cant post the schematics. can u tel me is there any formula to calculate fusible resistor. end application is battery charger. and can u tel me the relation between the peak primary current?
  7. how to select the value of fusible resistor
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