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  1. Thank you audioguru and AN920 for the help :)
  2. Thanks for the help audioguru! :) Where I have more difficult anaslysing the circuit its in the opamp part... I dont know how to calc the transfer function of it ???
  3. Im studying realimentation in electronic circuits, I know that for have transconductance gain the circuit have to be of serie-serie type....I have V in the entry and I in the out of it. To have a transfer function of it I divided in two parts: A=>the amp-op and the part of diodes and transistors and 2) Beta=>the two Resistances of 1kohm. This way I think I can calculate the transfer function of the circuit to a form A/(1+Beta*A) In the diodes and transistor part the gain it
  4. Hi, I have to analyse this circuit and know what it does... I think its an transconductance amplifier...but I need to know how to find the transconductance gain of it.... the circuit its int the following link
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