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  1. Thanks for the help were are in the early stages but you gave us a good idea to go off of. Right now were just buying parts and trying to get some ideas down we bought the transducers you talked about and your right thats what we needed. For now the teacher is letting us take it slow but in two weeks from today we have to start building it and showing progress to getting it working. We have 12 weeks to get it done we have about 9 weeks left now. And start building it in 2 weeks were testing our transducer today. We could use your help a lot in the next week once we start trouble shooting to see what bugs we run into thanks for you reply talk to you later.
  2. I need to make a prototype that will indicate, through both leds and audio tones, whether a person within its target area of 10 ft is walking or running. Unit will transmit a ultrasonic wave into the target area and will detect the Doppler shift of the reflected waves to determine the velocity of the person. A walking person is less then 5 ft per second. can have a power supply of 120 volts and 60 hz. and less then 15 watts of power consumption. Does anyone know were i can find a re fence to use in order to make something like this and were would be the best place to buy the parts. I know i have to use a transducer in order to make it work and the Doppler effect. But any tips or a way to find a re fence model or design that has all ready been done so i can follow it thanks please help. This is for a school project.
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