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  1. so how do you send the compiled program from the comp to the controller? btw, are there like special libraries for different controllers? things you can or cant use, like objects? where can i find all this out?
  2. yeah, this i sreally simple if you dont have the whole octave-up thing goin on. its just abunch of 555 astables w/ their outputs connected via a diode to a 741 summing circuit, that also knocks off the harmonics. then just connect the 741's output to a 8 _()_ speaker decoupled with a 1 uF cap.
  3. okay, sorry bout that. whats the best way to get schemmys onto something like this? draw it and scan it?
  4. hi guys, i am interested in getting a microcontroller that i can program w/ c++, but not interested in paying. ;D. is there a good, basic chip out there that also has a cheap programming board? what about a compiler. i am kinda new to the digital game. thanks.
  5. hello everybody. so i am building a synth using a bunch of 555 astable circuits with an octave up feature that works like this: i use a cd4066 quad bilateral switch to connect a second timing resistor of the same value as the one in the astable circuit when the control pin is at logic 1. i tried te circuit without the timing resistor and it worked fine, but then i tried it with the 4066 and the second resistor, and for some reason, even when the second resistor isnt connected in parallel, it effects the astable circuit. i think there may be some leakage, or just something i dont know about the 4066, but i could really use some help. thanks, i appreciate it.
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