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  1. I know one of the radars I work on, uses 2 SCR boards, with 8 SCR's each on them to hold off about 10,000. Off my head, I cant just ramble out the way it works, but I'll look through the schematics and the theory book tommorow at work and try to get you a more definitive answer.
  2. I am not completely sure, that this is the proper place to post something like this. If it isn't appropriate could a moderator please delete it. I see job offer/requests. Not sure how to take that. I'm requesting a Job. I'm a Air Traffic Control Systems Tech for the US Army currently but am soon to be departing ways. I'm having a difficult time, finding employment. Networking is the most important thing in that area and I figure that maybe one of you thousands maybe had an idea of somthing. I do not wish to turn this into a self boasting post about my skills, certifications. If anyone cou
  3. As a radar tech, I dont think your describing the magnetron in it's whole or your actually looking at the Waveguide. The waveguide would appear to be an empty "Box" just guiding the RF. A magenetron would have a cathode in the center, maybe the "Emptiness" you describe is actually the hollow chambers that encase the cathode to trap the electrons. Either way, not to insult anyone's knowledge, but a microwave, or any system that is using high amounts of RF's is not something to crack open and experement with. Well, only if you never plan on plugging it again. One drop of condensation inside
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