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  1. i guess magnetic sensors use magnetostriction effect......
  2. gan87


    if u want inductance for inductor with some other core ( other than air) Relative permiability must be found it is no more "Mo"(air core) it ll be "Mr"(relative permiablity)
  3. gan87


    if ur inductor is solenoidal.. inductance - L Number of turns - N Mo = (4*pi / 10000000) ; pi= 22/7 ength of the inductor = x Area of circular cross section = A formulae L = ( Mo*N*N*A ) / x * - multiplication
  4. prateeksikka i agree... simple relays can do tat... but the thing is the field must be of great strength....... its nt possible all time..
  5. hi, lost vikings i feel ur post is the exact theory behind metal detectors,a weak rf range oscillator serves as the input,and sensing coil forms parts of tuned oscillator.. if u r interested in its working; here it is.. when the coil is bought near a metallic object, magnetic energy is absorbed and oscillator fails to work. this can be detected by another circuit and alarm can be triggered
  6. i am frm india.. can anyone suggest me the procedure of getting samples ??? wer shud i cntct... shud i pay the postal?
  7. u shud look over 1)connecting pin 4 to positive supply wen not in use........ 2) grounding pin 5 wit a 0.01microfarad capacitor...(wen u r not using it)
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