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  1. Thanks guys I appreciate the help. I figured a relay is what I needed, my main thought/concern was that the outputs are 110/120VAC, and my devices are 24VAC. So I wasn't sure if there was a relay like that, that used 110VAC to signal and switch 24VAC on/off. -David
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new at all of this, I've done tons of computer work, alot of general electrical work, and a little electrical components work. I'm trying to learn, and I've always felt the best way to learn is to actually solve a problem. Here's what I'm up against... I need to control some water valves, based on particular input specifications. I have a IDEC Microsmart PLC, actual part number is FC4A-C24R2. For those not familiar with it, Inputs are 24VDC, power to it is 110-240VAC, outputs seem to be 110VAC as well. I have no problems programming the unit, and no problems with the input side. My problems seem to come in when I begin thinking about the output side. I'm needing to switch some 24VAC water valves, based on what is happening at certain inputs. I have a couple ideas, I just want to throw them out and see what you guys think and maybe you can direct me in the correct direction. Idea #1) On the output side of the PLC, each section of outputs, has a common port where they get their power from. What if I just supply 24VAC to the common port, then each of the output ports should in essence only put out 24VAC. Right? Maybe I am incorrect about this, please correct me if I am wrong. Idea #2) Do they make relays that are switched by 110VAC and actually switch 24VAC? If so, then I can use this type relay to do the switching I need. I appreciate any help you can give me, and I am willing to follow anyone's direction on figuring this out. Thank you in advance, and I hope to learn alot. -David
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