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  1. Nice ;) I've just read the whole text and it is rather interesting ;D Only one question remains: What can I use for 10KV power-up supply? :o
  2. Tanx Mike :) :) :) Its been a long time since I won anything :-X;D Since I haven't read the text (only few words to be precise) I have to ask what exactly is a usage of it since I don't have a space ship? ;D ;) :) 8) Cheers
  3. I hope this will do the trick ;D Mike you can use this image too but check it for any errors :D Click the image for full resolution.
  4. EDY

    posting circuits

    I deleted one of your posts becouse they are identical ;D You can use action upload centar and upload you would like to share or post them on this forum. I think that Mike will include youre schematics in regluar projects if he finds them to be worthy of being there ;D ;) He will tell you more once he sees this post. Your will to contribute is much appriciated and wellcomed. Cheers
  5. :D ;D ;) Mike. Youre the best.
  6. tanx mozikluv I havent noticed before your post I all ready have the schematics for it and just wanted to figure out how it works. but those transistors you mentioned could come in handy for future upgrades cheers
  7. Tankx Mike But help me out just litle more more As I figured out the capacitor marked 2A472K should have value +45 deg C +1% and 4,700 pF +-/10% Some may think I'm stupid but I just want to be sure I figured it out just right and what a better way of doing it than consulting someone who knows it better. Cheers ;D
  8. Hi Does anyone know a good tutorial or something else with explanation of capacitor codes? I have a bunch of them but can figure out their values, like these: F 403Z F 203 104 2A104K 2A472K etc. It's kinda confuzing
  9. try http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/oscillators_timers/007/index.html I'm not sure about this, but since it turns off the lamp it can be uset to turn it on. or eaven better, wich should fullfill your request http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/oscillators_timers/013/index.html simply adjust change he transistor behaviour. I meen instead of Q2 being turned on with Q1 make it not to be. Can't realy put the corect circuit since I only know what cam be done. Not how :P
  10. Do you know who is the manufacturer If you do you can try this site http://www.datasheetlocator.com/
  11. It looks like a mono headphone jack. Im not sure becouse of that arrow in the middle of it.It might mean either that when jack is pulled ot it still conducts or it does not. Not sure Cheers
  12. Nevermind my previous post. I figuerd that those motors only have 2 steps so they would be use less
  13. Tanx Mike! I think I'm begining to understand the whole concept of transistors. And like you said it every day I'm figuring something out. Hope I'm close to completing process of "figuring it out" ;) As far as my transistor starter project I'm still looking to find a suitable high voltage npn transistor. Local stors don't have any so I'm using different chanels to find it. If everything goes well, and I don't blow my self to sky, I'll post the schematics and pcb. Cheers
  14. Hi. I have a EM-236 and EM-237 bipolar stepper motors that I would like to hook up with this project. However they need 36V power thus I can't use 5804 controler. What would be aduequate replacment? Oh and does anyone have datasheet for these two motors? Thanx
  15. Hi. I've just rear this article http://www.interq.or.jp/japan/se-inoue/e_car1_3.htm wich describes how transistor ON - OFF state (saturnation state ???) works. However. It still left me confused (sure I learned something but... ;D). I still can't figure out that hfe, resistor, capacitor, base and collector current, and 0.6V calculations. Majbe it's becouse his bad english (look who's saying ;) ) at certain parts of article or I'm just not seeing sometnihg. Anyway, does anyone know of different article (or can explain me differently how this works) that could help me understand this better? Since I wan't to build car starting system based on transistors (I have the schematics and just want to know how whole thing works) any help before blowing my self to pieces is appriciated :) Cheers
  16. :D tanx I'll try to remember thar for future 8)
  17. I'm trying to build transistor starting for car and can't find datasheet for BZX85C180 zener diode anywhere. Please help
  18. EDY

    FM Radio

    Actualy you havent guessed. Most probably becouse I made a stupid explaination of what I ment :(. I found the answer in one of philiphs FM radio chips But tanx anyway ;)
  19. EDY

    FM Radio

    Weel it says it can be connected to the PC on the schematics but that isn't my goal. Just want to build a simple fm reciver. Theres one thing bugging me. In my car's radio you can chose between low and high pass (not sure is this exactly the term) but I havent seen it on any schematics. I'll look the car radio later and tell you the frequencies it has. P.S. it has AM parto so don't think I'm talking about that :)
  20. EDY

    FM Radio

    Hi Mike (and everyone else) :) First of all I have to say that site rocks :o 8) You
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