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  1. With my experience with a Celeron, all I have to say is, their crap. I had a celeron and it only lasted a few years; only worked when it wanted to. Until one day it didn't even wanna run startup processes; my one was very sensitive to hot days in a unairconditioned room. Hey dont even ask to trade for my P4.
  2. Has anyone orderd some sample parts, and when they show up you need to pay some C.O.D. Cost on delivery.
  3. If only you could see how much I am laughing now. :D
  4. Whoo these cooling systems are cool. :D I remember a few years ago when my dad took me to this computer warehouse that was full of computer stuff to buy. Thier was this stand with a computer on it and a resionably sized heatsink on the CPU, but it had two tubes going to it from a pump outside the computer. The tubes were filled with a green liquid, my guess would be radiator coolent. I cant remember the speed that it increased by. Anyway down hear in melbourne its quite cold we normally dont get 45C days, so the CPU in my computer dosent get too hot. The fan just came with the CPU so its just a standard fan, its currently going at 2.41Ghz. I can try to nuge it a bit harder to 3Ghz, but not to 4.16Ghz with a standard fan. The Mother board has a Spread Spectrum unit that stabalizes the main clock generators wave form, and is only needed at a high frequency. The most wierdest method of cooling your fan is putting a cup of liquid nitrogen on your CPU, I saw it on the net someware, must of been a test run because nitro would absorb the heat. Thier are some good heat transfer compounds like this one. http://www.arcticsilver.com/as5.htm Thier was also this super fan that I saw in a PCUSER magazine, i'll try and find it when I can. I'll give ya my results at running on 3Ghz. See ya.
  5. I think I should say a little about old computers, my dad picked up an old computer that was kicked out the door from a hospital. Believe it or not but the HDD was about the size of 2 bricks and about as heavy as 1 brick. The HDD took up all 3 slots on the panel. I cant remember but I think it held 20MB. Thats as ancient as i've ever seen them.
  6. Hmm, I wonder how much one of those Commodore's are worth? Anyway I know this is completely the opposite to the heading of this topic but i've got a: P4 2.4Ghz but able to clock 4.16Ghz. Affects at 4.16Ghz is stability, can be assisted be an expensive cooling fan. 512Mb ram. 64Mb ram video card Geforce 4 for games. "Very good!" with video out. T.V. capture card. Ethernet card. 100Mb/s Fire wire 4 ports. 4 USB ports. CD-R 4x write. DVD drive (DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R, CD-RW) CD ROM 50x 1 Floppy drv. Primary 120GB HDD. Secondary 40GB HDD. MSI 845E Max P4 Mainboard. Standard modern technology sound card. On MB. All made with my own hands. Its an all in one super computer, we've come a long way. Cost about $700 AUS with screen. Pretty good price, if I didn't have my computer knowledge i'd be up for a few thousand. Stats: Can download 220MB in 10 minutes. Cable obviously but with a very good downloading program, not the type you'd get from iexplorer. The program downloads the file in portion's and can download a portion of a file to a woping 500KB/s. My computer is also connected to a hub which serves wireless laptops and computer's, and non-wireless computers. I could say more but I gotta go!
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