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  1. As I said before, I don't think a CD4049 will work in this project. It has a very high current and is not symmetrical to be used as linear amplifiers.

    i really don't have a choice.. i have to make my thesis defense whether the circuit is working or not.

    A blue or white LED needs more voltage than two cells so three cells must be used. The two linear amps in the project's CD4049 will kill the LR41 cells quickly.

    i doesn't matter. my defense will only take 4 hours at most! ;D

    The project probably won't work with a CD4049 so you can connect a switch to ground pin 5 of the CD4049 to make the piezo beep.

    grounding pin5 makes it beep? this is to show the the oscillator works, right? i need to make it beep during the defnse to show the range the beeping tone can be heard as stated in my prolem3  in the manuscript

    Then connect the blue or white LED in parallel with the piezo to make it flash with the beeping
    simple as that? what would be the new schematic then? can you please show me.. please...

  2. Hi Ante!

    Thanks.. what is it anyway? i have downloaded its zip file. i tried opening it but winzip cannot extract it. as you have mentioned it needs VB, maybe that is the reason. i'll founf it out when i got home. i have VB installed in my pc..

    maybe this would also solve another problem in my pc. everytime a user log ins, a dialog boz popups that says something about a file that also needs VBRUN100.DLL.. it started when i installed XPStyle. it slowed doen my pc so i had it removed..

  3. ahh.. audioguru.. i wanted to make the circuit work as much as you do, but i think i need to concentrate on the 4049 since it was the IC used in the manuscript i presented to the panelist.. and during the defense, that is the circuit they are expecting to see.. i know it would be best to show them a working circuit but i really have truckloads and truckloads of things to do.. i have lots of exams this coming week and the projects needed are also due this week.. so i will have very little time working on another circuit.. last week, thought i would have plenty of time working on the circuit but when i went to a classmate this afternoon i found out that we have still lots of things to accomplish..

    so, i need first to re-assemble the old, lousy 4049 ciruit.. i have to etch another PCB because the old one that my adviser disassembled was too messy to reuse..

    about the flashlight i asked you to integrate with the circuit, i am planning to use this miniflashlight, buit-in a very cheap lighter.. it uses 3 LR41.. do these button sell batteries come in different voltages? or all LR41 are 1.5V? it's pretty bright.. i've asked a lot of electronic shops in our locality and none of them can sell to me the LED it uses.. when go home at midnight i use it.. at a dark spot, it can fairly illuminate as far as 10 meters.. during a power failure, we use this to look for a candle.. it can illuminate the whole living room.. life span is quite long.. besides, this is very very very cheap.. it only costs 10 pesos, and it comes with a lighter! or the other way around. anyhow, point is that it is cheap.. an LED costs 3 pesos.. and a single button cell costs 15pesos each, i think..

    I'm going to use this. what would happen to my circuit now? how will i wire this to go with the beeping tone?



  4. the text written is "Electronics 2002 http://electronics.cjb.net" i think it was the old address of the eLab.. dont mind the text written on the design. it was just placed there as an ad or something.. you may even not include that in you actual PCB.. just dont forget that it was the brains of eLab that desinged the circuit!

  5. If I do this is I got the new size: 12,5 cm and 8,9 cm, but it hast to be 12,5 to 8,7 cm!

    when you resized it, the "lock aspect ratio" on the Format Picture toolbar should be unchecked.. then simply enter your desired dimensions..
    There is also a white border and I don't know if I have to remove this first and then stretch the picture.

    This depends on you. you can remove it by using the crop command. in MS WORD, it's placed in the picture toolbar.. to better "trim" the picture, hold down ALT button while dragging. This way it would be more exact to your preferred size.

    I have included here the MS word file i made with your desired dimension.. the 12.5 is 12.49, but i think 0.01cm difference is acceptable.. also i have a bitmap image attached..

    Oh no! .doc files are not allowed to be attached.. i think i can send it to your gmail instead..


  6. The lousy old intermittent breadboard stopped the circuit from working.

    i will now begin troubleshooting the circuit again using the 4069.. we have tried lots of things on MSN, yet it still continuously beep.. i pointed out that maybe, at some point in that testing, my buzzer got damaged that is why we have to stop working on it? if you will continue help me working on it (i have a pretty good feeling you would, you like working on lousy projects, right? ehehe), would it still be on a breadboard? i think it would be better if we would work on it while it is on the board, because i can't solder/desolder here in the cafe.. besides, that would mean i still have to design and make a PCB of 4069 which is not the one indicated in my PRINTED-and-SUBMITTED-to-the-PANELIST manuscript!! it would be easier on my part to work on it while it is on a bread board..
  7. i've been going through my notes in Yahoo Notepad.. i found this: http://www.electronic-circuits-diagrams.com/audioimages/audiockt9.shtml  it uses  LM324, the same opamp audioguru once mentioned.. i know i said that i am not interested in using op amps in my whistle responder proj, but my thesis adviser is persistent.. if ever, can i use it as amplifiers? can i omit the 4027 it also uses.. it's a flipflop.. here's the schematic:


  8. i am logged in for about 6 hours and a half now.. i've been downloading lots of things.. and they takre very very long!! imagine downloading the EAGLE layout editor at 2kbps!! and at some point, say 45% it would suddenly stop!!

    i found a lot of useful programs! especially the frequency analyzer which i can (can i?) use in my whistle responder proj. but my pc doesn't have a mic.. and i dont know if it has a sound card..

    i've also been to the proejcts section and i came across this: http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/sensors/005/index.html ..

    This sensitive sound operated switch can be used with a dynamic microphone insert as above, or be used with an electret (ECM) microphone. If an ECM is used then R1 (shown dotted) will need to be included. A suitable value would be between 2.2k and 10kohms.

    The two BC109C transitors form an audio preamp, the gain of which is controlled by the 10k preset.  The output is further amplified by a BC182B transistor. To prevent instability the preamp is decoupled with a 100u capacitor and 1k resistor. The audio voltage at the collector of the BC182B is rectified by the two 1N4148 diodes and 4.7u capacitor. This dc voltage will
    directly drive the BC212B transistor and operate the relay and LED.

    It should be noted that this circuit does not "latch". The relay and LED operate momentarily in response to audio peaks.

    can i use it to amplify the signal picked up by my Electret mic instead of inverters wired as amplifiers?

  9. alright, i'll see if i it would be easier if i interchange the inverters.. i've been buzy the whole day working on my business policy term paper.. i'll be ready with the questions (ehehehe) about 4069 tomorrow..

    i cracked my damaged buzzer open.. i saw what is inside and didn't understand a thing ehehe.. all i recognized was the components, but i never understood why they are there and what they do ;D

  10. i have downloaded Express PCB. i am not very much familiar with it yet, bu i think it only helps you "draw" your design, not to make the design.. is there really a program that asks for your schematic,  then with a press of a button gives you the PCB design? is there one? i can't keep downloading every recommended programs i see on the web because downloading takes time and is quite not allowed in internet cafes..

    i sure do enjoy making my own design of the schematic but they are usually wrong.. at least, i could use the program (if there is one) to compare with my work!

  11. i have adjusted my profile so that it shows my own time.. but i can't figure out the "Posting Activity by TIme" in the "general statistics for this member" i am just curious. does it show my time in a 24-hour format or it follows the site's clock.. i tried changing my profile's time but it didn't change..
  12. i've tried your suggestion to make it beep louder... remeber the bottle cap? is that the one from 1.5 liter of coca cola bottles? what is the ideal size of the hole... i've been looking for chassis for the circuit and so far a matchbox is the best  so far.. the piezo buzzer beside the circuit fits perfectly..

    i was trying to make a PCB design for the 4069, and i am wondering if i could interchange the inverters..  say for the input, those that are connected to the pin1 will be connected to pin3 instead and for th output, those in pin2 will be in pin4? can you visualize what i want to happen? i hope i explained it properly.. the same with other inverters so that it would be easier to design the PCB layout...


  13. i have downloaded the pdf files of op amps from Ante's thread.. i missed part3 that is why i cant open the first two..

    anyway, i'll study also this file.. my mom referred me to an old friend of hers. He worked in Japan for qiute some time.. he is also concerened if an inverter can be used as an amplifier.. he recommended using op amps.. i will still concentrate on the 4069..

    i bought a new buzzer. i had it tested in the store where i bought it.. they used a 6V battery to test it. it beeped. when i got home, and tried it on my AC-DC converter, it is not beeping anymore.. it was beeping though at Rx1 setting of my multitester..

    one of our panelist won't be available at our scheduled defense.. meaning we have to re-schedule the defense! everybody is busy the coming days.. the ealiest possible date and time we can defend is next wednesday, meaning i still have 5 days more to make this thing work..

    for now i have to concentrate forst on my other subjects.. i missed again another final exam!!

  15. i have only at least 19 hours before my defense starts. my buzzer got damaged. i can't get a new one in at least 11 hours from now.. i'll just concentrate on my manuscript.. the subject is research methods anyway, and 70% of the grade is given by tour research prof. 30% is from the three-man panel of electronic professors.. even if they will give only 30% of my grade they will do the "interrogation"  all the time during the defense.. and most importantly, they will be the one who decides if you pass or not!

    if this thing doesn't work out well tomorrow, i hope you guys have a NEW CIRCUIT for me to work on.. i should've been with the eLab community before i chose a topic. that way, you have recommended the best topic to work on.. anyway, have one ready.. just in case..

    Thanks for all the help..  ;D

  16. i was up all night! i haven't gotten any sleep yet.. i haven't tested the circuit last night, cause i left the breadboard the my friend's apartment.. anyway.i spent all night, writing chapters 4&5 and revising chapters1-3.. it took my whole seven sleeping hours to have it "almost" finished.. while writing chapters 4&5, i realized that i have still lots of questions to ask you guyz... for now.. i'll present to you the voltage readings i have with the 4069: (note: the supply is 3.0V)

    pin2 - 3V
    pin4 - 1.8V
    pin6 - 1.8V
    pin8 - 0V
    pin10 - 1.8V / 2.0V
    pin12 - 1.0V /1.2V
    mic - 1V    (note:  mic resistor used was 10K instead of the 22K)

    why is it that the needle was swaying/waving when i am measuring pins10&12? is it normal?

    the moment i swithched on the power supply, it makes faint beeping sounds..

    i also removed R5 and replaced R4 with a wire.. still there was the beeping sound..

    removing C3 would disable the filter right? and that means that the circuit can recognize all the sounds.. even if i had c3 on, the circuit is beeping.. nothing changes when i remove it..

    in the 4049, removing or reversing D2 drives the oscillator, which makes the buzzer beep.. in my 4069 wiring, removing/reversing D2 doesn't have any effect..

    i think that's all i can give your right now.. never mind the opamps.. i am not interested.. it's too complicated.. i hope i have given all the necesary data tha will help you help me make the circuit work...

    COUNTDOWN TO FINAL DEFENSE: 48hours15mins (DO or DIE!!)
    thanks for the help..

  17. hi there!

    i have downloaded the pdf file about LM324.. even with all those info, i still don't know how? can somebody please show me how? i really don't have the luxury of time to experiment..

    i have scheduled my defence this coming friday.. i don't have any choice. if i can't really find a way to make the circuit work, the panelist might fail me. and that is not a good thing.. anyway, i'm trying my best to make this thing work.. and i appreciate very much your help...

    i have tried the 4069. it didn't work.. even the oscillator is not working.. in the 4049, the oscillator is working, that is because it beeped when i removed D2 or reverse it..

    thanks for the help..
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