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  1. WOW! :o that was really "electronically speaking"!!! ;D all this time, i was keying-in sound activated devices.. switches.. whistle circuits.. :P :P duh?!, right!!?! anyway, thanks for the help, again.. i skipped my first period ;D gotta go! dont wanna be late for the second one..
  2. i'm not abusing help or being lazy.. but i need your help about some info about the history of sound activated circuits.. i've been searching for days, but i cant really find a site discussing such facts.. maybe, i just dont know the right keywords to search in google... i've tried online encyclopedias, but they require memebrship.. i need some tips of the right way of searching for any information i might need about the whistle responder circuit.. thanks u all!!
  3. the mixing up of the projects only proves that i really need some sleep.. it's really nice of you to modify the circuit.. may you please do it one more time?! i am planning to have a light source to go with the beeping.. so that it can be easier to locate.. and should also include a separate switch for this light so that it can be used as a flashlight when trying to open the front door in a dark porch.. ??? about the beeping tone, would it beep continously until you find it?! or it would only beep for a certain amout of time? is it a single beep? how about the light, i am requesting to be added, can u please integrate it to the circuit such that it is blinking.. i hope this is not much work to you.. thank you for the help.. i'll have some rest for now.. hope to hear from yah soon..
  4. http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/misc/008/index.html <-- key finder or http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/misc/002/index.html <-- whistle responder which of the two is better?! how do they differ? which of them can easily respond to a novice/trying hard whistler?!
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