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  1. i have predicted that it'll take 49 days before we reach the 20k members mark.. well, only after a month and a day we are at 19912.. we are short of only 88 more members! will mixos give a prize to the 20,000th member?! ehehe..

    let's admit it, we are doing a heck of a job keeping this site up and running! this site is really the best in electronics! ehehe.. CONGRATULATIONS to us!  ;D  8)

  2. Staigen's MSN is always online.. if he is sleeping we would use "away" status... and, sometimes, when we are talking, he would excuse himself for a moment to feed his cats.. now, he is nowhere to be found.. even audioguru has no idea where he is.. he's from Sweden right?! i browsed through the MSN conversations with him which i saved, but he didn't mention anything useful, like a home add or a phone number.. i hope someone could come up with something..

  3. even using DSL, i frequently experience very slow connection since i am accessing the internet in an internet cafe expecially if some users are downloading stuffs or watching some music videos.. what i usually do is open a couple of windows or tabs so that after i have finished viewing a page, the others have finished donwloading..  ;D

  4. hey! hey!!

    i didn't mean to frustrate  :( you with what i found out.. i thought you could find useful info on the site.. you can still build one.. the site sells a product.. no schematic was included there.. maybe you could design one and post it here at eLab  ;D .. at least hobbyists can see your work!

    c'Mon!!  ;)

  5. what makes the forum unorganized are those users seeking desperately for help.. if they don't get the help they needed at their first post, they try to post it somewhere hoping that they would get the answers in the new topic they have started..

    i just wish there is a way to advise new users!!

  6. HI raccon!  ;D

    have you already started building your project?! please let us know of your progress with your work.. i think it is a great idea? have you checked if there is an existing device that functions like that of your "electrcity MEter"? Anyway, i wish you luck!  8)

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