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  1. downloading seems to be fine now.. i think the issue about upload folder has been resolved.. Thanks Ante 8) am really having a hard time assuring her that it's alright letting me change mt pic.. ;D
  2. Muhammad! I am very much sure that Yevgeni is very unhappy to leave eLab.. and it was never his intention to do such a thing that you are accusing him!!
  3. here's the datsheet for the 7404.. it might help.. http://alldatasheet.com/view.jsp?Searchword=74L sorry, that's the best I can do for you..
  4. Aw! i missed your post Muhammad! I'd really like to change Anna's pic but she won't let me.. ;D She fears that i'd trade her pic for another gurl.. She's jealous!! ehehehe.. lolz.. :P if you bump into her one od these days, please help me convince her.. 8) have a nice day! :)
  5. i just want to share this. this is from the LOGIC GATES Project http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=6022.0 8)
  6. Hi ronwer! ;D http://www.cip.physik.uni-muenchen.de/~wwieser/elec/freqcnt/oscillator.html would that help? hope so..
  7. let us please concentrate under a single thread for the same problem.. thanks.. http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=6496.msg40231;topicseen#msg40231
  8. Hi bob! ;D a PM is a shortened form of Personal Message. on top of the page you can see an alert if you have a new message.. things not related with Electronics should be discussed using the PM system.. when you send a PM only the user in the "To:" field receives the message while if you post a message to the board, Everybody can read it! 8)
  9. did i hit the bulls' eye?! ;D that's alright! 8) I'm from Bicol.. send me a PM when u have tym/. 8)
  10. How did that happen? :P how stupid of me! i forgot to paste the link i found ;D.. am sorry's here's the link i was talking about.. 8)http://www.datasheetcatalog.com/datasheets_pdf/H/A/1/7/HA17555.shtml
  11. Hi CooperMan! 8) i dunno if this will help.. but try it! it's free! I had no problem downloading it, but my WinZip is having troubles.. hope it helps, and sorry if it doesn't ;D http://www.eserviceinfo.com/index.php?what=search2&searchstring=P775
  12. Hi arsal! ;D i haven't really downladed the datasheet :P ehehe anyway, i hope its the right one 8)
  13. Maybe, it's because this site simply contains more info than any other website, that is why downloading takes longer.. lolz.. ;D or maybe, it's because we are nearing the 20,000 members 8) mark.. ;Dthe eLab is getting crowded.. guess it's time for a little upgrading! uhhmm.. not from here.. i even open the topics in different windows (sometimes more than ten windows) but i can view the page is a matter of seconds..
  14. hi Alin! ;D i think Hect got it.. he said you could get it in sharefx.com in the post he made just before yours.. i really haven't browsed the site.. :P ALin, look for it in sharefx.com.. hope you find it.. ;D
  15. Hi Yevgeni 8) waaaaa!! you're leaving the forum? :( why? oh, am sorry, i guess that's not my concern anymor, huh? anyway, i think that's it for the eBook!! hhmm.. does anybody, other then Yevgeni, have the book?
  16. Hi jay! ;D i think it would be best to have your posts in english.. you can always send us (pinoys here) PM's if you want to have a little chit chat.. the posts are for every to read.. i have found a thread about "posting instructions" but the link doesn't work now and nobody aswered where it was moved.. http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=2641.0 windowze, i apologize in behalf of jaykool.. and thanks for answering my inquiry about PIC.. ;)
  17. Staigen's PC must have crashed really bad! maybe he dropped it from the 8th floor of a building ;D I hope you can get back Online soon Staigen, and have your PC fixed.. ;D
  18. jay, i already answered you're first post.. i said you can try this: http://www.discovercircuits.com/B/bug-killer.htm 8)
  19. Hi jack! ;D i exactly don't know what the book is about but from its title, and the fact that it is posted in an ELectronics forum, you can have a pretty good idea what it is about.. The book seems like an ELectronics newbies' dreambook that is why a lot is requesting for it.. 8)
  20. [move] ???????????????????????????????????????????????????[/move] i've alwayz encontered PICX#X#X### in the forum.. What is it? anyone patient enough to give a newbie an explanation.. thanks.. 8)
  21. http://www.user-service-manuals.com/Sony/DSC.shtml i dont know if that helps.. but you might want to try it.. at the bottom of the page there is this.. "GO GET MY MANUAL" and you have to follow three steps to get your manual.. that's all i can do for you..
  22. Hi Zicco! you might not be the happiest person just yet.. :P it seems that this is somewhat a mythical book.. eheh.. yevgeni (who owns it) seems to be busy.. ;D patience is a virtue ;D
  23. lolz.. you got me there virus! ;D ehehe.. anyway, i think there will be more of "anna" in my workplace.. wish me luck in finding a decent job.. ;) i have joined laots of forums, this is the only one that i am active because of the really nice discussions.. it's just like school.. i learn everyday reading the posts.. let's keep up the good work! ;D
  24. we'll never get too old for beers!! enjoy your day! ;D in Filipino, Masayang Kaarawan! ;D
  25. Hi audioguru! i once read the post you made about you getting busted by RF cops 8) when you made a fan from an old motor that caused interference to TV's..
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