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  1. uhhmm... i haven't tried opening it.. my grandma have decided to send it to the repair center instead.. ;D thanks anyway.. 8)
  2. anybody here who has the service manual and would not charge me? ;D thanks...
  3. http://www.satcure-focus.com/tutor/page4.htm http://www.physlink.com/Education/AskExperts/ae430.cfm Hi Munky! sorry i can't provide you with my own explanation.. try those links.. hope they help you.. if you need more explanation, google it up! im sure you'll find some simple explanations there.. GOod luck! BTW, Welcome to eLab! ;D 8)
  4. two days ago, my grandma called me to check on her TV.. it doesn't have any picture.. i saw that it was turned off using the remote, so no matter how many times she tried switching it on using the power button on the TV, there is still no picture.. i simply used the power button on the remote to turn it on. the following day, another problem came up. this time it has no sound.. i sent my lil' bro instead to have a look at it.. based from his own experience, whenever our TV's sound malfunctions, we simply turn it off and when we switched it back on, it works fine.. that's what he did. but this time, it did not work.. worse, he can't turn it back on.. i finally decided to have a look at it.. i noticed that the power indicator (red LED) just beside the power buttin of the TV is not lit. it seems that the TV has no power.. whenever i turn it on, it just makes a small buzzing sound but doesn't actually turn on.. what could be wrong with it? can anybody help me? my grandma has a SONY KV-21APV2.. thanks.. 8)
  5. how did it go? were you allowed to have your project posted here? i just want to know.. ;D
  6. Yey, a new member who CAN and WILLING to help has been added to the community.. Welcome to eLab! ;D
  7. coulomb's law? why, it's everywhere! try the following links i have posted below.. BOOKS! electronics and physics books have discussions about coulomb.. Schooling is really difficult.. some things that are said to be the "basics" are complicated.. Good luck! welcome to the eLab! ;D http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coulomb's_law http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/HBASE/electric/elefor.html http://regentsprep.org/Regents/physics/phys03/acoulomb/default.htm
  8. [email protected] mixos is the owner of eLab.. you can also look for him in the user site in this site..
  9. i have unchecked options like that.. for some reason, it doesnt work.. what do you mean? the powercord i used is a typical male plug.. can you please give a specific description of that cord.. no matter how hard i explain it to the attendant, he doesn't seem to have any idea what im looking for.. im not very much interested in the mic and headphone.. i dont have them anyway.. ;D my monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster CTF5467l(D)..
  10. password? yes, i do. the computer remembers it.. I have my speaker fixed! thanks a lot! i spent the whole night listening to my favorite songs.. i really missed them.. eheheh.. another question.. when my speaker got busted. i turned to the speakers built-in in my monitor.. i realized that i dont know how to connect them.. there are two RCA jacks (?) just like in the image below, a white (left) and a red (right).. another terminal beside it is labeled "output" on the side of my monitor there are two "holes" again.. for the mic and the headphone.. where should i connect them? what should i use.. i tried explaining it to the shop where i bought my PC, but he doesn't know how.. (duh!?!) ehehe..
  11. hi diehard! i think you need to contact an administrator before your circuit gets posted.. since mixos owns the site, i think you need to ask permission from him.. welcome to eLab! ;D
  12. i cant figure out how to totally log out in MSN.. even if i dont choose to be automatically logged in ot have my log in info remembered.. i alwayz get automatically connected as soon as i run MSN.. i dont want users that access my MSN play pranks on my contacts. i dont want a bad reputation.. eheheh.. another reason is that few computers have MSN installed on them.. Yahoo! dominates in our place.. i usually log in but when i see John offline and you "away" i immediately log out.. maybe, next time, we'll see each other on MSN.. 8)
  13. it's a good thing Yahoo! increased its FREE mailbox capacity to 1G.. i have already used up 12% of the 1G in my [email protected]. so, in case it's a little close to 1G ang would not fit that e-add i posted, have it sent here instead.. [email protected] thanks in advance.. 8)
  14. sounds like it's a good stuff.. can't it be broken down to at least two parts? anyway, i'll have a copy please.. [email protected]
  15. i gave a thought replasing it last night by removing the power cord from one of our appliances ;D but i decided i'd consult it first here.. Ok then, i'll replace the cord.. i'll let you know if it'll work.. thanks!!
  16. you need to give a better explanation what you are really looking for.. base from your subject, this is the closest search i have come up with.. it has no IC, produces 1.2 - 30 V dc.. http://www.aaroncake.net/circuits/supply.htm
  17. hi babykoh! (ang sagwang pakinggan) you need a power supply? try this.. http://www.commlinx.com.au/power.htm
  18. i forgot to include the image in my last post.. the female plug i have looks like this and the arrow points to where i saw the "burn marks"..
  19. i guess that could be the conclusion.. so, should i stop printing leaflets about our campaign ;D :D technically, Staigen is right.. CPU is the IC. let's get back to my speaker.. after i got home last night, i immediately examined the parts.. i really didn't see anything suspicious.. still no busted components of burnt siwtches.. so, after doing that, as instructed, i got the screwdriver to do some testing.. when i was to plug it, i noticed that the female plug has a trace of "explosion" (arrow in the diagram) my plug and wire is white so i can see clearly that there are burn marks on them.. it used to malfunction the first few days i have it.. it doesn't perfectly fit my adaptor (its terminals are flat), its loose.. i bent its terminals in any direction but to no avail.. anyway, i can still position it in the right way that it works fine.. but a little nudge will cause the plug and its adaptor to disconnect.. maybe in that process of bendig its plugs, i damaged it.. but still my mother insists that the spark came from the speaker.. lets say,the two terminals of the plug touched each other, what would happen? it's a short circuit, right? oh yeah, it have a little transformer inside it ( i forgot to mention this) it has 220 input and gives a 9V output.. its inside the speaker box.. was that damaged?
  20. Don't you think its already time that we should launch a massive "this is not a CPU!!" campaign? ehehe.. i'll take care of Asian countries.. let's recruit more members... ehehehe...
  21. hi Staigen! my mom was really freaked out! myabe it have something to do with the fact that most "pops" with electronic devices comes with a spark.. there's no way to tell what she really saw/or did not see.. about the CPU issue, check this out! can you blame me
  22. uhhhmmm.. yeah. you're right. it's just that almost lectures about computers that i have heard about "parts of the computer" labels the rectangular box with all the drives, slots, boards, cards, etc as the CPU..
  23. maybe i have a slower (primitive) sound card that's why the frequency analyzer "complained" that it did not detect any sound card. where is the sound card then located?
  24. none. it's almost airtight. the only "ventilation" it gets is from the speakers' cover. i have an experience once where the capacitor "exploded" i saw a black rubber-like thing coming out from the bottom of its cylindrical casing. i think i saw none, but i have another closer inspection. Yeah, i'm more careful now. last week, i had a "chunk" of my flesh scraped out of my left index finger, then 3 days later my right hand got burned by a soldering iron.. thanks for the warning.. 8) is it possible for a CPU not to have any sound card at all?
  25. YES. the one connected to 220 and also to the CPU. the other speaker is not connected to the CPU neither to the mains. a small wire connects the two speakers..
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