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  1. :) ;) :D ;D >:( :( :o 8) ??? ::) :P :-[ :-X :-\ :-* :'(
  2. Well, Theres alot of projects I wanna do but, I dont know if there expert, intermidiate or beginner so just suggest a project that i should so, PLEASE TELL ME!
  3. Well, these are the stuff I have: Multimeter Soldering Gun Alot of tools Over 100 resistors Over 100 capacitors About 50 chips A couple of motors Alot of wires Alot of Leds Alot of diodes Alot of switches A whole whack of batteries And a Tech II Dualpower 2800 and thats all ;D
  4. Oh yea and what project should i do out of the project section on this site?
  5. Ok thanks, and I already know my resistor colour codes ;D
  6. Well, I have enough parts to start a project but whitch one should i use out of the projects section in this site? And how do i know if the parts that i desoldered still work? Is there like a resistor tester or a capacitor tester out there?
  7. Hello, I'm starting a new project, but i dont know what i wanna do, so post your ideals on what i should make.
  8. Well, I've gotten alot of old electronics, such as VCRs, car radios and so on so. But the problem is that i wanna take parts from it such as diodes, capacitors, resisters, and so on so, but i keep breaking there wires when i take them out, so could you tell me how to take them out nicely?
  9. I can't find those books though, my library doesn't have many books. But i'm starting a project that is the 10watt amp under the projects section it seems simple so i'll give it a try, but where do i get a motherboard thing like that one?
  10. What site is these tutorials on? And i don't wanna read books because i'm reading Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide and my Guitar book, and plus I cant find the right books.
  11. Well hello, Well, i have been a game designer and a guitarist 8) for a few years now, and i want to start in electronics, so i can make my own amps and stuff, but i dont know what do to. Well i know my basics, like: using those little 130 in ones and 300 in ones, making a light work and making a simple sound, but i want to get more in to it. So if you guys would be kind enough to tell me how to start off what i should start building first, what to get, what to read and what to download. And i'm not in the mood to read to big books right now, i've got other things to read! >:( War Is Not The Answer, Peace Is!
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