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  1. Hi Salman, goto www.avaxhome.ru and search there for "multisim" and u will get full pro vsn there ready. Best of luck....... ; ;D :oD
  2. Hi Salman, Keep in touch with this site and try to explore most of the post in various thread. U will be amazed how this site is serving for the electronics enthusiasts......
  3. Hi bbmak, Welcome to this forum.. U don't need to make them board file for making PCB. Just print out the picture and etch(depends on which method u r using). U can find how to make the right size for printing in the spice simulation-pcb design section. Best of luck....
  4. I didn't find any sample form for allegro. There product page contains sample button for which only one sample(that product) can be ordered at a time. But I want to order 5 parts at a time. What can I do ?? ???
  5. Thnks Ldanielrosa :). But I wanted part number not catagory.... :( :( Mention if possible.. :-\ :-\
  6. Hi LdnlRosa, I am succeded with MAXIM, TI but did not succeded with NS, Analog ,Microchip. When i order from Microchip and Anlog they tell me to contact with the neighbourhood country sales office. Please mention some interesting and useful chips from MAXIM and Allegro. Does any company sends microcontroller samples ? ??? ???
  7. hi STATE_MACHINE, U have tried atmel for sample. have u succeeded ?
  8. Hey dollarman gevv, what is the addrs of english vsn of www.hyperelektronik.com ?
  9. Hey Ldanielrosa, Please mention the new ones here. Also post the succeeded company.
  10. Steve T, Have u got samples of LM393. From where ?
  11. Ttttttechno, you can use the books : "Electronics.for.Dummies" This is the best boook ever for any beginners as well as expert. and don;t try to interfacing with pc as u r in early in electronics.This could bring disaster to pc as well as u if anything goes wrong.
  12. Also to Ante and MP.... :) :) :)
  13. Give nobel prize to gevv and Audioguru..!!!!! :)
  14. Hi , I am still doing my undergraduate courses in EEE at RUET(Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology).Now i am in 3rd year and electronics is my hobby from early childhood. I disassembled all the electronics appliances in my house to see the parts inside when i was 15 years old.
  15. Hi Bassanova, I use Novarm Diptrace.I think it is the easiest and powerful suite for pcb design including option of schematic trnasfer.U can download it from www.novarm.comHave a nice pcb built by u........
  16. http://Then multiply 240 instead of 120! Simple..Isn't it???
  17. Is there any advantage using darlington power transistor like DTS4075A(30Amp) instead of 2N3055 ?
  18. Hi Feline, Welcome to the forum...Can u explain uor project little more..??? 8)
  19. Hi to all friends, Can u mention some interesting, useful chip from MAXIM or DALLAS SEMI...
  20. hai hai Vivek, U can make ac from dc with it but it require a transfromer to step up.... Best of luck...
  21. Hi Audioguru, A lot of thnks..I have another idea.If i use maxim's 2.5V shunt voltage reference instead of D8 then 5V should be obtained on the outout of U1 which doesn't require any voltage divider.What do u think..??? ??? Is there any need of finer adjustment pot(1K) if digital pot is used..??? ??? Also i want to display the max output current on 7segment display rather than marking on the body i.e.when i change the current pot shaft the max output current will be displayed on the display.Can u please post a ckt here for this purpose or figure out a point to make it possible..?? ??? Again many many thnks to all u friends specially Audioguru and Ante..... :) :) ;) ;) :D :D ;D ;D
  22. I have planned to use maxim digital pot instead of the two pots voltage contrl and current cntrl(10K).But the maximum supply voltage of these maxim's ics is only 5V-6V).The datashhet also indicates, exceeding the voltage at any pin greater than suplly voltage may damage them.Is there any solution and has some body made the ckt with digital pot ?I am eagerly looking for it because it will fly out the mechanical problem and control will be precision. :o :)
  23. Hi Kachew, I think it is very helpful to learn eagle or any software to practice & explore the software rather than using manual.When u learn something from manual and don't practice then u will not be able to memorize them in the future.On the other hand in the first method u might do that.So it will be better if u try first exploring & see the manual unly when some topic is not understandable.It is only my personal thought and dicision is uors.....Good Luck............
  24. Hello Jarmund, Check this out------ www.semi-tech-inc.com www.centralsemi.com Also give feedback after success.
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