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  1. I have planned to build the modified power supply unit and almost all the parts got collected.But the problem is here i did not find the huge capacitor like 15000uF 63V.I found a 10000uf but its voltage rating is 25v.now i am planning to manage it from a wasted  elecronic devices like tv,microwave oven etc. Do you know inside where i can find these types of capacitor ?I tried getting sample capacitor from some company but the did not respond.please help me... :'(

  2. The problem is that here in my place low current 5.6V zener is not available.So i am thinking about the second way... ???Here is another idea which i haven't been tested but think it will solve the problem of output voltage going down.Making R6 variable(27K) and by adjusting the pot greater than 10K we can increase the output voltage of OPAMP.What do you think guys... 8)

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