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  1. Does anyone have it? Thanks, Nikolas
  2. Safer this way. Or what Staigen suggested. Nikolas
  3. Is there something similar that outputs 3D solids? I'm using Autodesk Inventor and I-DEAS which can import IDF files. Those are 3D representations of the boards (not photorealistic as this, just the basic shapes). You can then use them to model the housing, heatsinks, wire harnesses etc without guestimating. However Eagle doesn't output IDF. Target does but I'm not so eager to learn a second PCB layout program (I haven't really learned the first yet). So, if there's a way to output *.iges, *.sat, *.step or something like this from Eagle, it would be great. Nikolas
  4. Well, I was thinking that Sony would use a similar system for all it's camcorders. I don't have a busted camcorder to test so my question is rather general. I have an DCR-HC42 with a colour v/f but no interest in taking it apart ;D SM2GXN thanks for the info
  5. Great, thanks. Do you know where I could manuals for popular camcorder models e.g. Sony? Nikolas
  6. Are camcorder viewfinders (or LCDs) easy to connect? Do they just have video-in or some more complicated format? Nikolas
  7. Why don't you just make a 3-axis machine? I would understand it you wanted to cut down on the costs. In this case you could use a DC motor controled by a relay and limit switches. However if you are using 3 steppers anyhow, why don't just add the 3rd axis and be able to do 3d stuff? A circuit to send the stepper a specified amount of steps to one or the other direction at the flip of a switch would be more complicated than making the 3rd axis on the controller. As for the steps/revolution it depends on the motor but 200 is a fairly common number. Nikolas
  8. Try this, you can bulid only the two axes. You'll need a program to convert drawings to toolpaths (for 2D ACES is enough and free, I haven't tried it but I've heard good things about it), and a program to read the toolpaths and move the motors accordingly (TurboCNC is great, I've tried it, also Mach2 and others).
  9. Well thanks but this doesn't really answer my question. This guy powers the HD and it spins up with it's own controller. But how can I use the motor alone with other electronics? Nikolas
  10. Anyone? Oh, BTW I meant disk, not dsk... Maybe that's why I get no answers: -Hard dsk? What is that? :) Nikolas
  11. I dismantled a dead hard disk and I can't figure out the main motor. Is it a stepper? It has 4 contacts so I thought bipolar stepper. However if it was so, the two pairs should be isolated to eachother which is not the case. I tried to apply voltage in a sequence, it acts kind of like a low resolution stepper (~90
  12. This one is for 16. Since the LPT is 8-bit in theory you can have up to 256 outputs. Do a search on bin to dec converter IC's.
  13. Have you thought that the image will be backwards? You'l need to flip it horizontally
  14. Can it export the 3D view in a popular format like *.dxf *.iges *.sat *.stp etc?
  15. This is the simplest driver for bipolar (4-wire) steppers. I used BD239C and TIP30 transistors and all resistors are 1K. It uses phase drive instead of step-dir signals.
  16. Well the power circuit is just a switch, the control circuit is just what moves the lever. Now think of a simple On-Off switch with two connectors. It's a simple throw (one On position) simple pole switch (SPST). Two such switches operated by the same lever would be DPST. If it was On-Off-On it would be SPDT and DPDT respectively. HTH, Nikolas
  17. Oh, I didn't realize you were taliking about a specific project. I thought you just wanted one...
  18. Here's the PCB, still looking for the schematic. It has SMD parts but it's simple enough. I can post in vector format if you want (*.eps etc).
  19. 1) It might. I bought a TFDU6102 for such a project and it looks identical to the unit I took out of a busted 6210. 2) I have one, let me dig that up. Funny thing is there's no IRDA plug on my new M/B. I was looking for one because the old one did
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