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  1. Hi, I was told I need a hobby (I am sure some of you knowthe drill).. Anyhow I have taken up reading about electronics and have come to the stage that I should do something more than play around with a multimeter, breadboard and a few components, although this has been a great way to learn some basic priciples. I have decided that i should build a decent bench power supply as I have worked out that it is probably one of the most fundamental and usefull pieces of equiptment I would use. However when I search the net for a good design I am swamped with so many options. I would love some advice as to what features I should look for in a power supply project . I would like it to meet both my current learning needs and meet future needs as I continue to learn. A link to a suitable project would be great, but i also would like to know what you would look for in a good lab supply. Cheers
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