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  1. I am very interested to build a PC Osciloscope found in this website under PC . However, I have quite a number of difficulties. 1. I don't know what probe may i use. Can I use a probe from multimeter? 2. Can I measure a signal from a circuit? 3. Where can I connect my circuit ground to? Please reply me. ???
  2. Hi Ante i want to amplify these signals with an opamp i don't want to use a special chip. and i have only a j type thermocouple. thanks for your reply.
  3. ??? i want to construct a temperature sensor using a thermocouple. the emf which produced from a thermocouple is very small amount to enter to the ADC 0808 ( about 0 to 69.55 mV ). therefore i want to amplify this emf with an amplifier. can someone help me? ???
  4. hey ecerulz, follow the link. you will find a complete pbx system. http://instruct1.cit.cornell.edu/courses/ee476/FinalProjects/s2001/pr57/REPORT.htm
  5. ??? i want to construct a pc osciloscope. anyone can help me?
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