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  1. I know the max for the ML317 is 37VDC, but is there a way to boost that to 90VDC at about 30mA? I'm looking for an alternative to four 22V Zeners. The arguement was that IF a Zener shorted, the rest could also go.
  2. Well I tried this TDA7052 and side by side the LM386 sounds way better. It didn't get warm with 9 Volts but also didn't sound any better then 6 Volts either. It is a little more distorted but to be honest, I think the LM is louder. Same 8 Ohm speaker, same 9 Volt (8.6V) battery. The two or three extra parts for the LM are well worth it. The $1.40 TDA7052 1
  3. Is there any advantage in using the older, LM 386 over the TDA7052? The Phillips TDA seems to be a great amp chip with low draw and higher output, not to mention just about completely self contained. Of course it costs three times as much. Anyone have any experience with it?
  4. Hey thanks. I use 8 Ohm speakers, but was just curious. It drives a small 4" speaker for a xtal radio. Works just fine.
  5. All schematics show an 8 Ohm speaker. Any change in parts to use a 4 Ohm speaker?
  6. I'm using an LM386N in a simple amplifier and am using a 200uF cap parallel to the battery, before the switch, for noise supression. Should the cap (with no leakage) run the battery down in a week?
  7. Sorry, I read it as 8ohm and 1ohm.....(brain fart) Thanks for the audio amp chip info.
  8. Tried that. http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=49118 (I think you have your connections reversed) thanks though
  9. Is there a simple way to have a neon bulb (ne-2) flash with the music of say a portable CD player or AC radio?
  10. Can someone tell me if my 30 foot east/west antenna has the best transmitting range north/south or as I heard somewhere that it was around 20 degrees off vertical. I know this is the wrong forum for a question like this but with all the traffic here I figured it was worth a shot. Thanks in advance.
  11. I have a one tube AM transmitter that I plug a portable CD player in to so I can broadcast old music to my antique radios. I would like to have a neon bulb on the front of the transmitter to monitor, or flash bright/dim with the music. Right now the only way I can tell if it's working is to turn on a nearby radio. I have a pilot light for the unit but this only tells when it's on. It can be powered by AC and triggered by the output (line out) of the CD. Any help here?
  12. 40 mA dc plate current http://www.amplimo.nl/download/6bm8.pdf
  13. Hi all. I need to supply my one tube transmitter's plate with 250VDC and I was going to use a voltage doubler out of the 120V transformer with two diodes and capacitors, then a bleeder resistor to lower the voltage. My question is, can I substitute the second diode with a zener to regulate (lower the 340V) to a steady 250VDC? Is there a better/easier way? I wanted to use my (several) full-wave bridge rectifiers but I can't figure a doubler/regulator. Any help.
  14. Got the new tube, it works.......well a little. 30' is about max. What a disappointment.
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