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  1. Is this ckt ok? (It's a shame Eagle dosen't has a Push to Off switch symbol :'( )
  2. Thankx MP, Display refresh is 1 sec (i have used an ISR to update display). As i am using all14 pins of display there is no question of grounding them. but i shall check out adding 0.01uF
  3. Seems that i am left on my own :( well i wil try to get an oscilloscope on scene & post any updates
  4. It's far far away from HDLC (as far as i am anyway ;D) however check this out http://www.beyondlogic.org/usbnutshell/usb1.htm or PDF if you prefer http://www.beyondlogic.org/usbnutshell/usb-in-a-nutshell.pdf I have attached the same usb-in-a-nutshell.pdf
  5. It is a Telephone dialer IC with ability of pulse dialing & redialing. but i could not find the datasheet
  6. First decide upon the USB microcontroller you r going to use. Atmel, Cypress & Microchip provide them, Phillips provides a USB interface chip & FTDI provides a USB to RS232 bridge. I think the factor of chioce will be cost. Dose anyone knows a low cost usb controller?
  7. I was not sure wether to post the link or not too ;D but it is a good link anyway ;D
  8. I was not sure wether to post the link or not too ;D but it is a good link anyway ;D
  9. :o look at that! now whome do we trust? I guess now i have to burn too many ic's trying to figure out the correct pinout ;D guess what most of my failed circuits were working fine & i just got the wrong datasheets ;D
  10. It runs too slow on my P4 2.6GHz & 3D view dosen't impress me much :P i guess i will stick to eagle
  11. At first you may find Eagle frustrating. But withine one or two hours you can master it. It is the best free package around if you r into making PCB's.
  12. Okey i has one 89C52 based project which measures displacement by using an incremental rotary encoder & displays it on 16X2 Alphanumeric LCD. I purchased a 230V -> 5V SMPS to power this thing. And guess what the LCD started rolling :o I replaced the SMPS by trusted X'mer & 7805 & everything was okey. But as soon as i used SMPS the LCD starts rolling. I put a 100uF filtering capacitor near the power connector & 0.1uf ceramic capacitors on all IC's but no avail. Can anybody explain this ???
  13. This is a good tool to show off to friends but i don't think i can use it. Man if i can't feel the heat coming off my solder gun i might doze on the veroboard itself :D
  14. DO NOT USE SYSTEM RESTORE it dose slows down your PC when you least expect it. It is a rather bad implimentation of Norton's GoBack (http://www.symantec.com/goback/ sotware. If you turn it off completely it will save you disk space & unexpected problems. It is also helpful to stop unnecessary services take a look at http://www.windowsnetworking.com/kbase/WindowsTips/Windows2000/UserTips/Network/Disableunnecessaryservicestoimproveworkstationsperformance.html and http://www.tweakxp.com/tweak34.aspx.
  15. http://www.kingswood-consulting.co.uk/giicm/ Help yourself :)
  16. just a humble question - How an opamp can be a Synchronous 4-Bit Up/Down Counter[\b] ??? I think Texas Instru. might have something to say http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/sn74ls193.html
  17. Norton system works is grate for all windows ver. It is a good tool to recommend espically the 'speed disk' (the defragementor). It is lightyears ahade of the default defragmentor that comes with windows. If you have NTFS then i don't think you should even need to defrag often.
  18. This is strange indeed ??? Anyway I was talking of formatting the drive clean & doing a fresh install. I know it's painful but most of the times i have no choice ;D I keep my data on saperate partitions so it is of no problem for me. Try using the Xsetup software from http://www.x-setup.net/ it offers more options than any other software & it is free too (though it is named pro).
  19. Are you using WindowsXP? If yes then you should find the folder at D:\Windpws\Prefetch . On my machine it is not hidden. Clear it when you do major changes to your system (like install/uninstall spree:)). This folder is used by windows to preload the programs you use on your PC. However windows dose not clears a program entry when you remove it. Doing this will not immidiately speed up your PC but in a day or two it should get faster. If this fails then reinstalling windows is the definate answer. Personally i reinstall windows atleast every 6 months because it seems to me that it just gets slower longer you tweak with it. Also check out http://www.x-setup.net/ use this software carefully or you might fry your windows ;)
  20. Don't use XP restore. It is better to turn it off. If you have ever cleaned the system clean of a virus & then performed system restore to patch things up, it will unleash the virus again. No antivirus can look into the files catched by the System Restore feature. & it really messes up your system. If you are running windows XP try clearing all files in %WINDOWS%\Prefetch directory. (this may be a hidden directory). your computer will gardually speed up :)
  21. this is the longest post i have seen :o
  22. Here is a possible recepie, You will need a really fast ADC to sample the input waveforms then a fast SRAM or FIFO to store the captured samples & a microcontroller to transfer the captured data to PC. On PC you can process the waveform (fourier, rms, peak, avg, freq, etc.).
  23. TEN MOSFETS :o Ante, can i reduce number of mosfets or better yet how meny IRF540 will i need? I think i am going to try this.
  24. I liked the old wizard thing. It even had a jet of water (or was it something else ???). Any way i think everybody here is on "I am changing my Avatar" spree ;D. Is there a contest for the coolest avatar? I hope not. ;D
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