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  1. Thanks Dazza I would never of thought of places like that. I'll certainly give them a try. Andy
  2. Hi all I wonder if any one can help me out here. ??? I am trying to locate some really old serial mice. THe type I am looking for must have 2 pairs of detectors/receivers on each axis, and not just 1 pair (which are the type I keep coming across). The reason being, is that they will be connected to the 2 axis of my homemade telescope, and with the Interface that I have built, they will act as rotational encoders and will be able to tell me where in the sky the telescope is pointing. Also known as Digital Setting Circles. The 2 pairs of sensors on each axis are needed so that they can work
  3. Hi all I'm looking for a GSIB660 Bridge Rectifier for my Samsung TV. Its a 600V 6A bridge. The only place I can find that sells it in the UK is Farnell Electronics, but they have a
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