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  1. Thanks Dazza I would never of thought of places like that. I'll certainly give them a try. Andy
  2. Hi all I wonder if any one can help me out here. ??? I am trying to locate some really old serial mice. THe type I am looking for must have 2 pairs of detectors/receivers on each axis, and not just 1 pair (which are the type I keep coming across). The reason being, is that they will be connected to the 2 axis of my homemade telescope, and with the Interface that I have built, they will act as rotational encoders and will be able to tell me where in the sky the telescope is pointing. Also known as Digital Setting Circles. The 2 pairs of sensors on each axis are needed so that they can work in quadrature mode. ie one channel leads the other channel by 90 degrees. Any body out there who has some lying around and they want to get rid off, please let me know. Cheers Andy
  3. Hi all I'm looking for a GSIB660 Bridge Rectifier for my Samsung TV. Its a 600V 6A bridge. The only place I can find that sells it in the UK is Farnell Electronics, but they have a
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