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  1. Hi,
    I've built this project in a wiring board and it works, so I'm studying the whole ciruit now... but i wonder what function the diode D1 together with R2 has  ???
    And if i want to increase the frequency of the (piezo sounder and the LED), i can easily decrease the resistance (R3) or the capacitance (C1), right?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hello,
    Can i use surface mounted capacitors instead of the two capacitors in this curcuit?
    And what's the value of C2 ? is it nano, piko ...? and can i use a LED instead of the piezo sounder (just to indicate).

  3. That part model (7447) in Multisim is known to be faulty over a few issues. Even in the latest release it is still not working. They never bothered to fix it. Use a 74HC4543 or 4543 to get it working

    Thanks to inform me about the 7447, i didn't find 4543 in multisim so i used 4511 instead (but changed the display to "commen cathode" instead) and finally it's working now ... Thanks again

  4. Hi Mukhalled,
    I haven't used old TTL ICs for many years and I have lost my TTL Cookbook.
    The datasheet for the 74LS90 shows an inverting clock input pin 14, so I think it counts each time it goes low.

    Yes, i think so too that it should count when it goes low. But it doesn't in the simulating program  ???
  5. Hi,
    I've a digital sattelite reciever (samsung) which doesn't detect any signal... I'm sure that the dish is in right position (my other reciever is detecting signal and working normally at the same position of the dish). Do you think it's a physical wrong for eg (module or something like that) or ... ?

    Thanks  :)

  6. Hi Mukhalled,
    Attach the schematic of your bridged TDA2005 for us to see what is wrong with it.

    The only difference on the datasheets between the TDA2005M (for a bridged amp) and the TDA2005S (for a stereo amp) is that the TDA2005M is selected for a max output offset voltage of 150mV. Then it will have a max DC current in a 3.2 ohm speaker of 150mV/3.2 ohms= 47mA without a signal which also creates heat. The TDA2005S doesn't have an output offset voltage spec so it could be too high for a bridged amp.

    Hi Mr. Audioguru,

    I was waiting for your answer



  7. Hi,
    I need to fix my TV NOKIA 6352 NICAM. The picture has a concave shape like this:
    I think i have to change a little capacitor in the module but the problem is i don't know where is it in the module  ??? so i need a schematic ...
    Do anyone have an idea about this problem and how to fix it?



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