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  1. anananh, i got the same problem as you before. Then i mail to the [email protected] maxim-ic.com to check for my sample request. After a few days, Alice replied, informing me that the samples have been shipped. Then, after another the 2 weeks, the samples finally arrived! (Late... better than never ;) ). Maybe it's because we are registered under the title of "student", that's why they are not interest in ship us any samples.
  2. I have ordered some samples from the MAXIM. Unfortunately the samples seems never arrive even though after 3 weeks time( I'm staying in Malaysia). Then I go back to the notifications mail which stated that I reply to that particular message if got any enquiries. However when I replied, the mail administrator rejected the mail and say that the emaill address in not exist! The email address is: [email protected] Even after weeks of ordering, MAXIM still haven't send me any single chip!
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