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  1. Hello . Have a new problem with my motor who have 2 speed ( use in dehumidifier ) Why is there no information on the Internet how to calculate the thickness of a wire and the number of turns and power.
  2. I found the problem quite by accident When the problem came, I measured the voltage of the lm7812 - input and output = 0 volts. I started measuring with a multimeter and pushed the electrolytic capacitors and other elements - and when I pushed the fuse housing that is mounted on the circuit board - the test started. It turned out to be a bad solder, and during the vibrations from the low-frequency speakers - it breaks. I will resolder the fuse contacts tomorrow.
  3. blocked. Sometimes everything works, but sometimes it crashes. Is it possible that the power supply unit has problems and interferes with the control.
  4. Hello There is no one to help in my town. I have a demo stand for car players and speakers. After it turns on and works after hours or minutes - it blocks. There are several boards mounted in the rear end and with the help of non-retentive buttons I select a player and a speaker. The indication works as well as the relays. After it freezes - nothing works and the only option is to turn it off and on. Sometimes when turning on USB memory, or as the selected player plays.
  5. no. In this file ( who i downloaded before days ) i do not see how this 8 x 6 V Batteryes will be conected with cable and 9 pin connector . . In my case i have 9 wire on this connector . 3 from them - connected to Positive end from Battery pack 3 from them - connected to Minus from Battery pack. This wire connected to power inverter MOS Transistors 1 wire - connected to chassis of UPS Have 2 wire - who connected to pcb up to transistors , resistors , diodes , CPU ) It is possible with these two wires to feed the electronics that command the mos transistors and do not know what voltage it should be. That's why I was hoping for this scheme - to see at certain points what I should have
  6. Hello I have this UPS - without battery pack and external cabble with 9 pin molex mlx. I need the circuit to know how to connect the batteries. Because with this connector I have cables from the battery (I suppose is for 48 volts) I have the power cables to the transistor switches but I have 2 cables that go to the electronics that drives the power part.
  7. After I did not see the board name (usually write the PCB model), I removed the front panel. But obviously this is a super new version of a PCB and there is no information. If the connector ( sck sda rst vcc gnd ) ... I now see that some of the captions are used in the oled displays. And it's actually programmed or connected to a display instead of a 7-segment indicator ?
  8. Hello guys I have one request. I bought a hot air station .This device - at a low price - where the main role for the job is using a microcontroller HR7P169 There is a connector option on the PCB and I suppose it is for reading and overwriting. After the station for me was 30 euros and the microcontroller for almost 2 euros. What will be needed to try reading the code and having it as a file this device is powered directly to the electrical outlet to the white connector, and when I set the temperature, I see the heater flashing differently according to the temperature and the power of the air jet. When placed, the stand stops heating and only blows while it is needed or if it reaches 100 degrees and shuts down Chips using in this device : Upper left -> Eastsoft HR7P169BFGTF Upper right -> F7103 in the middle on pcb -> LM358 in the below the transformer -> PN8370 Using moc3023 who the control bta12/800A
  9. Ls mecapion apm-sc06ddn-kx Used in cnc machines - I think so
  10. Hello I am thinking of using an IR2130 chip to drive powerful transistors. The control will be with pulse generator and 74HC175
  11. Ls mecapion apm-sc06ddn-kx 3 phase , 200 V , 3.82 A , 550 W , 200 Hz max , 2000 rpm Hello . I have this electric motor, but I have no control. Can you help me with a scheme to manage it
  12. Hello I have an idea, but I do not know how. I noticed that the charger for my phone if the phone is not turned on to charge - it does not consume anything. But when I turn on the micro usb connector - then begins to consume. Now fit a box that will convert unbalanced audio signal into balanced. But the transformer can not fit in the box of the device and the target mount it in an external box. I do not want a permanent transformer is plugged in.
  13. Hello, everyone I need your help to assemble charger for lead-acid battery charger . I have a ( 6 volt 12ah )battery which was forgotten and for many months and he had died . Added distilled water and got her back to life with the ordinary charger. But inside I see white crystals and need scheme for desulfator charger .. On the Internet there are many schemes but do not know which of all What I would like to have the scheme is to control the charging current and switch 6 or 12 volts. For now that I have is 6volta 12 AH , but may in the future I need for larger or smaller as capacity.
  14. In test this transformer give : Without load - 24 volts. 50 watts under load - voltage drop of 23 volts 85 watts under load - voltage drop of 22 volts The stand of the soldering iron was not very stable - - one time is fixed and sometimes not :) after few hour the end result satisfies me 100%. And later i will add digital thermometer and will fit bottom the key -> information about the current temperature - information coming from the sensor heater I apologize for the quality of the photos - and if someone does not like manufacturing. But I'm satisfied.
  15. hello I found a circuit filled with ICL7107 and 3 1/2 7seg led display After simulation in the program " Proteus 8 professional " - i see the circuit work well . After simulation in Multisim scheme soldering station controller -> It see - out from IC2C - Vref that about 500mV and the output from IC2B - voltage varies - from 213mv to 500 mv . when i build in box - i upload pics . :)
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