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  1. Please help me where to download RICOH Photocopier service manual? I am finding... but not found. Please help me. Thank you.
  2. I did it all you say, not mute, line contact to line - in. Still nothing. I try to measure somthing it always display the same SINE freq.
  3. Ante, I have done the schem to protect my PC but the question is how to use the sound card to measure. I am trying to do it -> in screen, i see some line, that is all. I know that when measure something, the program will display the diffrent line?. Help me the detail again, aplease.
  4. I downloaded PC ocsiloscope V2.51 from this page. But i do not know how it work. Please help me the detail how to connect it. Using soundcard, how to setup the hardware and the software to measure the electrics equipement?. Attach the detail picture is more helpful Thank you so much.
  5. Hi, Please help me how to fix my mainboard's HP laserjet 1100 printer. Where can i download the detail documents of the HP Laserjet Printer such as Diagrams, Circuit detail.... Please give me the link, Please. Thank You!!!
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