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  1. Are you trying to build a PC oscilloscope by your own? Which interface did you choose? COM, LPT, ISA, or PCI? You need to include these words to your key for searching.
  2. Thanks Taujin, I'm gonna drop mail to them :)
  3. Oh, I told them that I was a student and they sent me some samples, but now they deny. I don't know what happened, I used to received confirmming letters from [email protected] maxim-ic.com, but now I receive them from [email protected] maximhq.com and no sample to me. ???
  4. Can anyone tell me how to get a FedEx account. Thanks.
  5. Hi everybody, I used to get samples from maxim, but now they don't send me anything. I receive an email from [email protected] maximhq.com when I make a request, and I know I will receive nothing. >:( Can you still request samples from maxim? By the way, I can't go to the page with www.geocities.com/???, can anyone tell me why, and how to access. Thanks. :)
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