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  1. hi some of the components are not presently available to me to build that circuit... but i have attached one more file can u provide me some suggestions on it... i am not able to attach the file here saying the dir is not writable here... so i have uploaded in rapidshare sorry for the inconvince. http://rapidshare.com/files/277282868/transmisso__fm.gif.html in this circuit 0.3uH is given how to wind the coil ???
  2. hi what will be the range atleast 500m... ???
  3. hi can u provide me some other circuit that will have a good range...
  4. hi http://rapidshare.com/files/276652026/fm_transmitter.pdf.html check this circuit need some help building this one... ;D
  5. hi in this circuit http://w1.859.telia.com/~u85920178/tx/bug5.htm just change 547 which is parallel to 2.7pf, into BF494 then it is working fine
  6. hi why dont u do ur own pcb it is very simple process only. for one pcb it will cost very high...
  7. hi i have powered it by a 9V battery only...
  8. hi i have made this circuit http://w1.859.telia.com/~u85920178/tx/bug5.htm at one frequency it is working fine for a long distance but when i speak there is bzz noise nd not able to hear clearly, can u help me to overcome this problem ??? in this circuit i have used 10pf instead of 12pf....
  9. can u tell me wheather this circuit works out well http://www.aaroncake.net/circuits/fmtrans.asp
  10. hi i need a fm transmitter circuit that works properly, very urgent pls help me. ::)
  11. hi using the PIR need a circuit that counts using a display when it detects. check this for pir http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passive_infrared_sensor
  12. hi for this circuit... http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/power/003/index.html
  13. hi what happen to the power supply forum topic was it been removed ???
  14. hi simple application that can be implemented with using optocouplers??
  15. hi pls help me with a simple circuit using optocoupler using PC814 or some ???other one
  16. hi i am having only 10000uf/63V capacitor can i use it instead of 12000uf ???
  17. karthikeid


    i am using multisim 10 someone pls tell me how to add components to multisim and for the IC CD4022B ??? :(
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