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  1. Sorry i took so long to reply but i got really swamped at work. I need at least 1 amp but i have seen tattoo power supplies up to 3 amps. Voltage i regularly use between 6 to 9 volts. I would like a unit that goes to at least 15 for the sake of just in case some weird setup comes into play. I apprecaite the response and info. The real key to the system I need is one in which i can set up to 4 diffrent voltage settings and and go to each by the flick of a switch or the push of a button
  2. I'm really interested in this project as it seems great for a tattoo power supply. I've been looking for plans to build somthing like this. I read thru all the posts and most of my questions are already answerd. Although i would like to have the ability to switch between 3 to 4 different volt settings. Currently the power supply i own has 2 individual retrohstats that work of a switch. Could someone help me out and send me in the right direction to go for what kind of switching device i should incorporate to have up to 4. A little off the topic thanks for posting this project. I think i found a new home. Kinda hard for me to get this information in japan considering by 1st grade japanese language level.
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