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  1. hi, i already contacted www.beta-dyne.com who make a 9v to 5v dc converter 2watts , 400 ma isolated and they are on their way . As soon i have them i will post results and my modified board layout. becouse mostly dc-ac inverters use 12v or 24 v configurations, i will use 9v to 5v beocuse at 9 v the dvm will work besides the inverter who stop working at 10.7 v. i will feed the dc-dc from lm317 to220 1.5 amp variable regulator at 9.2 volts , so does not matter if is 12v or 24 volts battery bank .this is important becouse i built dc ac inverter up tp 10kw for 110 or 220 vac , and that will be a nice feature
  2. hi, i have a dc-ac inverter 3kw 110v from 12v battery bank. i would like to monitor the battery voltage, but i dont want to use 9v alkaline battery nor 110ac power supply for power the voltmeter. becouse i can not feed the vmeter from same source i'm monitoring, i want to use a circuit to be able to do that , a dc-dc converter or any suggestions. 9v do not last enough for always on situation. thanks :)
  3. thanks MP a isolated dc-dc converter might work?? somebody can helpme with a low cost circuit dc-dc isolated?? i edit the board file from eagle and added: on-off-on swch grid ac led inverter led the bridge for ac readings becouse dc-ac inverters usually have big battery banks , will be nice to power itself the voltmeter. as soon i finish i will post here thanks
  4. hi, i have an power mosfet inverter dc to ac , works with 24volts instead of using a battery for the voltmeter, can i use same battery under measuring as source for the circuit it self ?? sorry but i'm jut a hobbyst thanks
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