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  1. All attachments in this thread are now 0 bytes in size, did this happen since the merger of this thread? I haven't followed this topic for sometime now...
  2. <i>Find a good carpenter & paster him with your needs </i> <p> Actually thats not a bad idea, thanks ;D
  3. haha, yeah i thought this post would sound a bit silly if i didnt phrase it right. What i was reffering too, was same setups like this:- http://www.spacelab.com.au/SL_sys6.html that is companies that design up furniture for lab/electronic purposes... Besides the above i couldn't find anymore... peace. Dylan D.
  4. To be more specific, by benches i mean desk's build for the perposes of holding pSU's etc.
  5. Hello fellas, I know you all have your personalized workareas designed up for your needs. Right now I've got myself a bigger room which i would like to setup solely for my electronics hobby. I need benches... I was wondering has anyone know of any manufactures that design up benches for this purpose? Peace. Dylan D.
  6. http://www.physorg.com/news1789.html above. Couldn't this allready be done with a laser printer, and a can of somesort of insulating substance? Has anyone done or seen any work on printed circuit boards ?
  7. Hello Les, Being a fellow dog owner that is a brilliant idea. I would think to achieve this you would need to make/get a rfid reader, hook it into your computer. Scan your dog's rfid and store the code. then you would have to write an interface that when detected that code under the rfid scanner it would unlock the door. Anyway here is some good reading to get you started. http://www.rf-dump.org/ --- has software to dump rfid data. Aswell as a good mailinglist to get in contact with ppls about rfid.
  8. Here is a working setup combined with solar http://www.humboldt.edu/~serc/papers/SchatzSolarbroch_2003.pdf and http://www.humboldt.edu/~serc/solarh2cycle.html also http://www.fuelcells.org has alot of useful links/info plus a forums with people interested in cell production. *edit* forgot this link http://www.humboldt.edu/~serc/stackinabox.html has information on a portable fuelcell system that could be used in conjunction with say the bingo reactor. The system loads out 12VDC 110VAC inverted.
  9. Homebrew fuelcell http://www.homepower.com/files/Hp85p52.pdf
  10. http://info.hobbyengineering.com/specs/DIY-k30.pdf and http://science.howstuffworks.com/nightvision.htm
  11. Just a suggestion... Might save your time and money. Why not pickup and dialup modem that has fax support, they are pretty dam cheap nowadays. That way you can interface it to your computer and send any digital content down the line. Dylan D.
  12. Thanks heaps audioguru. =---I found the Hammond 182H15 toroid on Newarkinone but i couldnt find it on farnell online anyone got a direct link ?
  13. Can anyone source me a good place to get a 30VAC, 7.5A, 225VA transformer ? Peace. Dylan D.
  14. Hello all, I'm, new to this forum aswell and a bit of a newb to electronics, I've been reading over the posts on this thread aswell as : http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?board=2;action=display;threadid=128;start=210 so far i'm having a bit of trouble following all the mod's to the original design. Has anyone done an updated schematic ? peace. Dylan D.
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