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  1. Been looking for this topic for hours. Finally, here I am. Well there is a chip or so RSC-364 I found on my PC from last year. It - uses neural network to match on chip speech recognition and accuracy of >97% for speaker independent and 99 for speaker dependent recognition www.sensoryinc.com Hope we may have solved that part of the project with this.
  2. Thanks for your contribution. 1. Maybe a VU meter will display the amplitude of the recorded voice say at a predetermined value displayed visually to the user. Such that upon second use - attempt to use voice activation, the user will use the visual VU meter to guage the amplitu de / loudness of his input voice signal. ::) 2. Another way, may be to trim via software what ever input comes. OR using some f orm of pattern matching (pardon my using the term here) assuming every voice signal has a unique pattern that can be obtained and stored. Thus irrespective of the amplitude -shout or
  3. Thanks for your contribution. I am just back from prevewing the link. That will be a very good addition in 1. prompting users 2. And possibly reversing the analogue voice input into text for processing ie working the chip backwards. I don't know it that will be possible. Importantly, I have just had a glimpse of Bascom AVR code, looks very simple and appealing in Basic. I hope programming PICs is going to be that simple.
  4. Well using a PC makes the job PC based. And may be some sort of waste cuz I intend to learn by doing as a newbie. Why not use some microcontroller like a DSP or PIC. They act like some RISC microprocessors and I think can do a lot of logic. So you could store pre-recorded voice parterns maybe on another chip for comparison with the incomming voice pattern. Also, human voice should be between 1K and 3K so a Bandstop filter should filter after the microphone.
  5. Yap, Iam a newbie also but I have similar interests in voice and smart card activated/driven systems. Now,I contribute; Source = Voice - reverb, pressure, frequency range etc Recieved by: Sound sensor/ Membrane eg microphonelike device Logic - Decrypt sound for the matching sound -in this case Voice - pattern or so Action- Based on an algorithm like if (voicepatternrecieved ISEQUALTO John's voicepatternstored ) Then Opendoor Next: Some gears/ servos etc move to unlatch the door. I consider something more detailed to enable some progress. I hope this is useful for now
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