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  1. The photographs show the working end of a 24 inch LED tube light. This type of light only requires connections to one end. No ballast is required for this light. The light yellow device at the lower right is the transformer. Next to it is a yellow capacitor. On the bottom the larger three leaded component is labelled: SDL2N65UZ. There are 72 LEDs in the strip. The LEDs are arranged in pairs in parallel so there are 36 pairs in each strip. An 82 volt battery will light the first 30 pairs with a current of 44.9 milliamperes. White LEDs are rated 3.6 volts at 20 milliamperes.
  2. For those who have not peeked in to a laptop battery the photo shows the interior of one. The battery is made up of 6 lithium ion cells of 3.7 voltages each in three pairs. Connected to each pair are connections for balanced charging. This battery does not have thermistors for monitoring temperature during charging as some do. At the upper left is a larger SMD IC that is most likely the processor or brains of the battery. To the right of the IC is a tan rectangle with a red dot on it. This is a switch that can be press through the case. It is used to display the status of the battery by the 5 LEDs just to the right of the switch at the upper edge of the PCB. There are 2 more SMD ICs at the upper right.
  3. For you folks that have not worked on a gas range /kitchen cook stove. In the photo the igniter at the top draws current through the gas valve below. The igniter draws current slowly at first as it heats up to typically 3.5 amperes. Only then does the heater (white windings) in the valve heat the bimetallic strip. It then rises upward uncovering the output port normally covered by the silicone round pad on the right. Thus the gas valve can only allow gas to flow into the burner if the igniter is functioning properly.
  4. There are only 6 unique numbers in each column above. If you used 4 rotary switches with one wafer each that would only require 6 * 4 = 24 contacts. A 6 position switch with one wafer:
  5. I do not understand enough what you are doing to be helpful. Can you say, as a model, each electrode is like a wire of different metal (like copper, zinc, iron, etc) placed in an solution such that each creates a different electromotive force (emf) or voltage. Each wire/electrode has a higher emf going from 1 to 9 perhaps? Like wire 1 has 0.1 mv emf, wire 2 has 0.15 mv emf, and so on.
  6. You need to define " driven electrodes ". Are they two leaded devices? Can they share a common ground? Do you have a set of relays in mind? If so can you use solid state relays?
  7. Sorry I can not help you with the PIC; I use the Arduino myself. But there is a lengthy discussion of 4 pages related to the PIC and VU meters here: https://groupdiy.com/index.php?topic=43594.0
  8. I would think replacing the relays. You can get a pair of Omron 24 VAC relays for 11$ off Ebay. Omron has a good rating on Amazon.com Else you can use a bridge rectifier to convert to cleaner (less ripple) dc. Search for "bridge rectifier diagram" for many diagrams on the internet. A package with all four diodes in it is about 1$ on Ebay for example. good luck https://www.ebay.com/itm/Relay-Omron-LY2N-J-LY2N-24V-AC-24VAC-COIL-10A-240VAC-28VDC-2-pcs/282975055847?hash=item41e2a0afe7:g:mFAAAOSwlzZbAkIJ
  9. That sounds like a major project. One would want to use a microcomputer as it would simplify the circuitry greatly. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IWWa0xCd04&feature=emb_logo It is said that power supplies are less expensive today for EDM machines, perhaps you could search on the internet for a good price. I would thing that 2950 pounds is expensive: https://baxedm.com/product/bx17-arc-generator/ I have an eight inch steel disk that I want to make a 100 tooth sprocket from - an electrical discharge machining would be great for that I would think.
  10. I would think that is a good solution. A more elegant solution would be to use a temperature control switch in series with the fan. They are not very expensive. You want one for example: less than 25 degrees normally open and higher than 25 degrees normally closed. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Temperature-Switch-Control-Sensor-Thermal-Thermostat-25-C-77-F-N-O-KSD301-q-e/333383230245 The admin fixed the ugly url - looks a lot better 😀
  11. You can download the data sheet from here but it contains little useful information and the diagram is not the correct one. http://www.bldcmotor-driver.com/sale-11494096-500w-brushless-dc-motor-driver-hall-effect-24-volt-dc-motor-speed-controller.html the link is near the bottom of the page. One could buy a board?
  12. By pads do you mean the pads (marked hall) on the lower right of the board? If so knowing any dimension on the board, like a component, one can find other dimensions using a tool like photoshop or the poor man's version THE GIMP. Also knowing the board is 63x42.5x17 mm (L*W*H) one could scale it off the screen. this thing will not go away delete yourself ! Also there is a manual in English here but the link is broken - you may request one perhaps. http://www.brushless-dcmotor.com/sale-11954921-jyqd-v7-3e3-3-phase-brushless-dc-motor-driver-15a-current-pwm-speed-control.html
  13. Searching for: JYQD-V7.3E3 on Yahoo will give you a few hits. Not _7V good luck
  14. The LMD18200 is rated 3 amperes and 12 to 55 volts: https://www.electronics-lab.com/project/lmd18200-h-bridge-module-for-dc-motor/
  15. The IPS6021 is readily available from China via Ebay. There is a supplier in the UK also: https://www.ebay.com/itm/IPS6021RPBF-Intelligent-Power-Switch-High-Side-Active-High-1Output-5-5V-TO-252-5/152755283380?hash=item2390eca5b4:g:U~MAAOSwqXxdNtVK
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