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    HarryA got a reaction from Marie P Cox in Please help to determine which silk screen is genuine   
    First off one can  not read the text on the second IC. They claim fake ICs come in two types; those that are commercial grade and sold as military grade.
    And those that are used from discarded equipment. The latter type may well have the  correct text on them. I gather  they do not manufacture fake ICs as they are too inexpensive to be bothered with.
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    HarryA got a reaction from PhoenixX1 in Help needed   
    I believe this is what you need:

    push botton switch.asc push botton sw.xcf
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    HarryA got a reaction from Moises Campos in BGA rework Process?   
    Is Rolling Meadows, IL 60008  near you? see:
    See for low key diy rework: https://www.instructables.com/BGA-rework/
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    HarryA got a reaction from millicurie999 in Hall Sensor Bypass for Coffee Grinder   
    I gather the machine has  a fixed number of pulses it expects for each type of brew. It counts these via the two magnets. It also monitors the current draw by the motor. If the motor current drops off (no longer grinding) while it has not reach its count of rotations it "thinks" it is out of beans.
    If  it is not out of beans and the motor is really working then it is missing counts at the hall effect sensor is what you are thinking? If it is really is out of beans it would discard the grounds that it has so far also?
    On second thought if it is missing counts it would run longer and grind to much coffee.  So it must be that there are more counts to go and the current to the motor has fallen off?
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    HarryA got a reaction from Soren Thompson in Electronic flourescent tube starter   
    I am confused with the two SIDACs (Silicon Diode for Alternating Current) in series. They are rated 220-250 volts switching each. 240 mains voltages would be in the order of 340*1,4 or 480 volts  peak. About the same as the two SIDACs; not much to switch with?
    "These tasks of the starter are taken over by two 135 V sidac (or a single 270 V one). The starting voltage is thus 270 V, Which is below the peak value of the mains (about 340 V), but higher than the working voltage of a 20-40 W neon tube." 
    see: https://circuit-diagramz.com/sidac-neon-tube-starter/
    I will look at the circuit some more.
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    HarryA got a reaction from Elijah Green in programming the atmega 328p microcontroller previous article on this subject   
    If you look  in the IDE at [tools] -> boards you will see the Nano and the Duemilanove. You  will not see the port listed until you select the board and have a board or adapter connected.  The Meg2560 has a different  AVR microcontroller; an  ATmega2560.
    If you search on Youtube for the FT232RL (the USB to serial/TTL Adapter) you  will find  numerous  videos.
    Speaking of ports, the current port is shown in the IDE in [Tools] also in the Preferences file. The Preferences file can be found [file] -> Preferences. That brings up a pop up window containing the path to the file. Near the bottom of the file can be seen the comport listed in two places. Also in the Device Manager it is listed under Ports(COM & LPT).  Device Manager is via [Windows] + [x]. Sometimes you can edit the Preferences file to bring the comport inline with the device port iIf the IDE gets confused. You may  know this but others may not.
    (I screwed up the fonts by cut and past again)
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    HarryA got a reaction from ElectronicsLabUser in Buck Converter Design   
    As this chip is made by Analog  and Analog owns LTspice simulator the circuit appears in the simulator and can be explored there. The circuit there is slightly different. Note it uses the FDS6680A mosfets. If you want 10 amperes make sure the mosfets can handle the current.

    Go here and put in your requirements then you will see some 10 ampere chips:
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    HarryA got a reaction from Vasant Seechurn in Tablet charging IC replacement   
    Do you think it is a D6Gi1K or D6GiLK ?  After the G it looks like an aye i gather.
    Not even close: http://twitpic.com/d6gilk
     SOT323 is a SMD package type; it has only three leads. Often a transistor.
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    HarryA got a reaction from Conor Torres in I am working with CS5484 for a project and I am unable to configure the IC   
    There is a library file ( GOLANG library for SPI ) here that maybe helpful?
    I have problems finding the page that has the {code} button to download the file; you may have to dork around with the URL a  bit.
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    HarryA got a reaction from Oriana Murphy in Could you help me check if I did it right or not ? voltage controlled oscillator with BJT   
    That looks correct. Good job with the simulator.
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    HarryA got a reaction from Holy Hathaway in Can I replace MPXV7002DP transducer by MPXV7002DPT1?   
    This site gives the MPXV7002DPT1 as an alternative to the MPXV7002DP
    see:  https://www.apogeeweb.net/circuitry/mpxv7002dp-transducer-datasheet-features-pinout.html#product-overview
    This one has a list of exact alternatives  also:
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    HarryA got a reaction from Thatswhatshesaid in MOD-23 counter   
    The circuit below is similar to what you want to do. Using a 4 input NAND gate you can connect it to the 4 outputs that represent the valve you want.  Your NAND gate output would connect to the clr line.

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    HarryA got a reaction from Vidyut in Could you please help me find this capacitor?   
    If it is a 120 volt Cuisinart blender then you can get one here: They ship world wide. Else search for "1 uf 250vac capacitor"
    That is a horrible url !
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    HarryA got a reaction from QiHall in Boolean Algebra   
    from Wikipedia:
     = (K+L)(K+M)(L+N)(M+P)(N+Q)(P+Q)
     = (K+LM)(N+LQ)(P+MQ)
     = (KN+KLQ+LMN+LMQ)(P+MQ)
    K * N+LQ   +  LM*(N+LQ)
    K * N+LQ = KN+KLQ    and LM*(N+LQ) =  LMN+LMQ
    for the : (KN+KLQ+LMN+LMQ)
    for the fourth line multiply the third line  by P and then by MQ from (P+MQ)
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    HarryA got a reaction from Guy Shemesh in Help identifying electronic components   
    If you compare your  board with the one on Ebay that one looks like the better board.
    You may gain some insight by comparing the P6? on your board with the three in the schematic and see if it connects the same as one of them. This is the schematic of the Viber12a in a battery charger.


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    HarryA got a reaction from Zaldy Macayan in Transistor Substitute.   
    see: https://www.nteinc.com/semiconductors/ComplPr.php    They list matched complementary pairs that maybe helpful like the NTE128/NTE129 at 80 volts and 1 ampere. And many others as well.
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    HarryA got a reaction from fpgamall in BCD calculator (urgent help in project)   
    There is an article "Design Project2 - BCD Calculator" that maybe helpful.
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    HarryA got a reaction from Zahid Gul Khan in Desktop Pick and Place Machines   
    There is  information here on Visual Servoing that maybe helpful;  particularly  the numerous references at the end of the article.
    If you look at a bmp file of a smd image like this one (I could not find an image of the bottom of a smd).
    You can see the white background as FF FF FF and one scan line across the component highlighted.  So in theory one could  find the four corners and calculated the rotation and any x y offset. In bmp files the image is inverted.
    If you only need the rotation then only part of one edge would be required to calculate it I believe.


    smd compoint.bmp
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    HarryA got a reaction from Tim Swait in Intelligent power switch ESP32   
    The IPS6021 is readily available from China via Ebay.  There is a supplier in the UK also:
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    HarryA got a reaction from gztoppower in Power supply circuit ideas   
    If you do not need SMD perhaps "The LT138A/LT338A (LM138/LM338) series of adjustable regulators provide 5A output current over an output voltage range of 1.2V to 32V."
    The LM338 is about 1$ each on ebay.
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    HarryA got a reaction from Youssef_Hany1 in Rc car   
    Perhaps the chip is over heating with to much current draw?  Try connecting only two motors to see what happens.
    For the l298n chip itself:
    For the IO Peak Output Current (each Channel)       
    – Non Repetitive (t = 100ms)            3.0A
    –Repetitive (80% on –20% off; ton = 10ms)    2.5A
    –DC Operation                    2.0A
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    HarryA got a reaction from aleksczajka in Need Help: Bluetooth External Camera controlled by iPhone app   
    Perhaps? To big?
    " This Fujifilm FinePix digital camera has Bluetooth connectivity for wireless media transfer. "
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    HarryA got a reaction from albarh18 in I need a critical help in designing a magic toy   
    You ask for a lot!
    Start with Ebay.com for transmitters and receivers: see:
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    HarryA got a reaction from HaddyS in Transformer Watts   
    I enlarged the image off the Amazon.com but could not read it
    ...but ebay.com has a readable image
    120v @60hz 300ma
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    HarryA got a reaction from Barbra in how to make a mailbox light? guys   
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