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  1. hi guys have been busy tying t find engineers for my grvity wheel i was given a free contingent of as well as the RV now the pdf has been updated and added too surjai , ante kumeran and all, check it out, they are just about to add a berdini pulse motor in there as well, im refering to the original pdf link at the start of this thread. and yes ante, we have some diagrams and shcmetics for you in there this time ;D
  2. hi guys. thats a great pdf kumeran!! i wish the rv pdf was as detailed as that!!, thanx for the clarity guys, you are both obviously incisive enough with the expertise to be able to follow this closely. so how about we attempt a replication?, and walk through of the whole process. with antes permission i would like to provide the funding, and will need the communities help in building this project. kumeran, what parts do we need, and what qualifications would we need to be able to put this RV together? ante any suggestions mate?
  3. hehe, ghetto conditions and ghetto cave man work, ??? this might look better for you ante, this is the latest one from bedini
  4. hi ante can you be a little bit more spacific?
  5. http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Bedini_SG:Plans edit: cut and paste the whole link guys looks like finally we might be able to follow some simple bedini instructions what do you all think?
  6. yes ofcause. ok lets start with the rv from the description, who in malaysia is willing to take on the project with my help (funding) it looks complicated but im assured is workable by off the shelf parts. lets start with the description of the prime mover and from the schmetic can we discuss this? here is a good one http://www.theverylastpageoftheinternet.com/ElectromagneticDev/arkresearch/rotoverter.htm kumaran, im not to sure, yes im following how he is trying to reconfigure to pm, looks complicated but is one of many options available stated by hector for the rv. we will have to wait and see i guess??
  7. hi kumaran i just saw this fro the EDVGRAY yahoo group, about the adams motor, perhaps its another bit of incentive to go RV i have never seen this info before perhaps you can explain it to me in laymens :D > So what Adams is saying is you pulse on once yourself, magnet skims by, and then when you turn off current goes in the opposite direction back down coil and gives another FREE push to outgoing magnet. IS THIS RIGHT? > Yes, that is right. It is as simple as putting a diode > across the transistor/mosfet/commutator. So, keep in > mind that the timing must be correct. At TDC/register, > when the pole pieces are in full alignment the power pulse > is applied. If the pulse is held on too long the kickback > through the diode and coil will be acting on empty space. > Therefore, the power pulse length must be short enough > to allow the maximum effect to take place just as the > pole pieces still in but leaving register. and hector wrote Positive bias is switching the load at the negative as the transistor switches off the diode conducts the CEMP negative to negative and positive to battery positive across the same LOAD ,coil ,LC, motor whatever returning POWER to battery source , if such PULSE is forced to go semy resonant within a logaritmic discharge path OU transformation will occur, coil will drop its temperature as battery will charge until it dries out . In reality is verry simple .. I posted this like 5 years ago and is also in the files section.. the real work needed is TUNING .. this simple circuit .. (Only Tuning is Quite a Bitch) but it can be done >Robert Agams was wrong. The magnetic field does not reverse. In case of an LC ringing it DOES reverse as C & L reverses potential Pulse in, goes up reaches maximal & reverses .. Aclaratory note :C must be AC oil capacitor not DC electrolitic Yes, the magnetic field reverses, if we are using the coil-cap combination. I once tested my little bedini-motor in the attractive-mode drive, where the drive pulse was attractive instead of repulsive and the timing was adjusted so, that drive pulse ends a bit before top dead center. Also, I had a 20uF (or was it a 10uF) cap connected in parallel to the drive coil. And this system worked OK, the motor ran fine. The attractive drive pulse accelerated the rotor towards the coil, the drive current was switched off before reaching the coil, the back-emf charged the cap, cap discharged again throught the coil and drove the magnetic field in the coil in opposite direction, thus pushing the magnet away from coil. > I think i understand what you are saying about the diode across > transistor. My simple pulse motor uses just one Reed switch to fire,> no transistor. But I understand what you are saying, and I think > RainJ has a circuit much like mine in the files section. >> So are you saying Adams was right, and with the diode you will get > two pulses. > 1) From your own battery. > 2) From the re-coil going through the diode after clip-off pushing > outgoing magnet away for free. >> So in essence by putting the diode in you'll up the speed, torque????> Is that it?> Why doesn't it do it without the diode. Diode's just recitfy right? Battery is like a capacitor it charges coil as coil current reaches maximal .. diode redirects electron path .. here are some tips .. http://www.spots.ab.ca/~belfroy/electricRes.html http://personal.tcu.edu/~zerda/manual/lab6.pdf
  8. hi mate, i am approching a uni in south australia so it becomes academic, if you have the know how to put these together let me know , mayby i can end some funds to get it replicated in your area, i will be looking for people to help with my alt energy company panacea, so i hope i can give you all jobs :D this is the only tool worth putting money together!! never mind the nerdini or adams, we have a better learning tool machine to work on here ;) which country are you and every one cituated?
  9. hi guys, yes i recomend you join the yahoo groups, all the people that have working over unity devices are there and can assist you, look for free-energy or goto overunity.com and it will re direct you there, and one of the best that hector frequently visits is EVGRAY just type that in for your search in yahoo groups. kumaran, you must work on the Rv to essentially understand radiant energy states, its the same transformation, hector states this, you will never get any of these motors going unless you educate your self in the trnsformation process. yes i am going to replicate the RV. sorry about the length, but its infomation you cannot afford to be with out, did you all read the pdf?
  10. hi all, i have just been invited here by kumaran, and have enough infomation to keep you all on track, i was asked about adams, motor and bedini, i can say bednini and gray use radiant energy now i will direct you to the yahoo energy group called 'free-energy' do a search and join!!! look for me there ashtweth_nihilistic there has been numerous discussion about teh bedini motor and how to get it working even the current post are there now, i suggest you also look for ellias remington, and all posts by him, he calls himelf hector!! here is the essential pdf you need to understand transformation to atcheive over untiy in these devices hector writes The WHY of ZPE and were OU comes from is Explained in this E-book ZPEV2.pdf Found here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EVGRAY/files/A.R.K%20%20%20FILES%20/ with 3rd GENERATION recovery circuitry all you need is to built the devices (AS RV & others descripted there to verify it .. AS MEG Bedini theory is FLAWED, its construction is OBSOLETE . Energy comes from a transformation effect that can be replicated modifiying standard motors , I had given ROTOCONVERSION PRINCIPLE FREE to Humanity, EASER OU principle also to OPEN a window to its universal Use .. The Spark gap creates a series of PULSED discharges that are responsible for Modulating the core material into a LASER alike state were ENERGY IS TRANSFORMED From Thermal-Atomic & magnetic component to the Electrical one ... SLC 1983 On Energy savers lamp development TESLA technology Aplication.. Genesis transform theoretics . I state again OU is transformation , pumping energy from one form into another were it can be used .. AS MEG, that Patent becomes an Stumbling block toward alternate energy development (I see so many MEG replications being Used) ;P and is overdue to be at sale In SEARS and Pepboys (get one ! );b RV ? you can make your OWN with no FBI or NSA coming to arrest you ! as its Published non-patented free domain (free) . so keep it free like linux and improve on it all you like & pass it on! I Cannot judge werever Bedini had this Information or the Circuits before I gave them Public years ago .. One thing is clear , If there was NO patent and I Published FIRST wile he HELD his NON patented Knowledge SECRET that is his problem ! ITS called synchronic parrallel development were similar ideas are developed simultaneously by different persons with no knowledge of the other . Konzen Well Knows I published First Diode recovery system and simple negative switching positive bias circuit... He has Improved on it with his OWN effort using it in BEDINI motor aplications , as I gave RESONANT tuning concept public too .. Used by Raivo In Estonia In his own advance Resonant aplication also to a BEDINI motor with incredible POWER increase ... OU extraction : Its already FREE domain, Anyone is free to challenge that patent searching my old notes & publications all over the net . I DONT INTENT to PATENT RV as iS given as PUBLIC DOMAIN Copyright nor intent to patent OTHERS effort that are put into it .. I had Explained and publish notes on PM Permanent Magnet RV construction ,power factor correction & others I allways welcome a JOIN venture of all of us within a Forum to Exchange this Ideas in free domain with due credit .. As I welcome a Comercial-institutional join venture to grab OU by the horns in an Unified R&D consortium were everybody can benefit (not 3rd party greed mafia)were inventors are left hi and dry .. NEWMAN,Motor , MEG , Bedini Motor , & all this devices WORK under same PRINCIPLE ... Like TESLA took Edison DC to AC I had Taken OU DC principle to AC demostrating the ROTOCONVERSION EFFECT .. (Public) Now being Replicated by Many ... (Given as FREE domain ) Bedini motor can be Used as a GENERATOR driven by an RV (As is improved more )actualy RV power turns it to pieces at its 3450 RPMs. speed, rotor drag and valance & bearing problems are solved using RV reverse dynamometer diagnostic capability so BEDINI motor can be improved to real practical USE within standard off the shelve hardware . I invented RV to be USED as a primary R&D tool in ZPE research ... constructed using STANDARD easy to get PARTS... Bedini Patent Notches inside what is already free domain. Its my duty to Point at it ... I built his "Unipolar" motor and understand it ... The plasma dynamics are another OU aspect not directly related to the motor. See ZEUS lamp development http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EVGRAY/files/A.R.K%20%20%20FILES% 20/fl40.zip you can get OU out of any FL lamp tube, a Russian did it before me. Can he say the same about RV ? Did Bedini tested RV ?? It did not work for him ? OPPS! he did not know how to make it as per instructions ?? LOL! :) Hector-end hector is the inventor of the rotor verter!! mentioned as RV above!! here is additional infomation and a video, you will have to join the groups to view it, dont worry it takes seconds!! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EVGRAY/files/A.R.K%20%20%20FILES%20/invertermotor_wm9.avi OK that is Rain & raivo experiment Video .. The computer provides a FRECUENCY to a transistor inverter this drives a transformer as to provide RV with power ... What is found here is the OPTIMAL frequency were the motor is more efficient (were Usualy OU manifestation occurs ..) In tesla coil Spark gaps are adjusted to tune it to best performance .. In motors and transformers a combination of 4 factors can be Used in case of AC "frequency and amplitude voltage " in case of PULSES , VOLTAGE & * pulselenght * At a given Voltage & pulselenght any coil will deliver OU as an EMP , This as magnetic field generated from pulse collapses within the coil ... More detailed info is in the E-book .. i am also invovled in an alt energy copany soon to have its license, hopefully i can give you all a job soon!! :D
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