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  1. I have hitachi 20x2 character LCD module. It has Anode and Cathode connections for LCD backlight. Does anyone tell me what type of power source is required for this backlight?
  2. I want to design a flyback transformer which can output 50watts. I want to operate it at 10 KHz. My Input is 15Vdc and required O/p is 8kVdc. Does any body help me how can I calculate the required primary inductance. And also turn ratio.
  3. Hello Everybody Please see the attached ciruit. I'm designing 5Kvdc 32uF capacitor charging circuit using typical flyback circuit with 12V battery. There is 555 timer to switch mosfet and then the primary of flyback transformer. At secondary side, there is a series of ten (600 Volts ) diodes, then the capacitor. Both GNDs are same. On examining primary current waveshape, I notice there is not a linear ramp, at first ramp goes up then falls towards zero, it again goes up (higher the previous) then falls towards zero and so on. But during this period transistor is full in saturation, I do not see anything except DC level. Please help me to solve it. Does anybody tell me hap can I improve its efficiency so that it charges faster. Sample.zip
  4. I want to charge a 32uF capacitor to 5Kvdc using 12V, 7AH battery within 10 seconds. would anybody tell me any practical example?. I have designed a flyback circuit which charges it in 21 seconds. But I could not reduce it further. I have attached the circuit file. Please help me what is wrong in the circuit. How can I improve it?
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