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  1. I am thinking about interfacing a bluetooth dongle with a pendrive with power from external battery.

    what i want to happen is that once the bluetooth and the pendrive is interfaced and power is delivered to the device, i want to use a 3rd party blue tooth device to access the file on the pendrive. can antone suggest me any guideline..

    I am hoping to make it as my final year project... But really out of information and clue..

    thank in advance..

  2. can any one plz tell me make a led device which will cgare when current is  available and stop consuming current when full charged.

    and when the light goes out eighter it autometically lights on..


    the lights can be turned on by the same switch which would be used to switch on the ac connted tubes
    . in this case if power available tube lights and bacup charges. if power is off, tube remains off but backups light up..

    plz help me out..

  3. I, my self is an ece btech student...

    and as I here from company people, they are not looking for staffs for the job, but jobs for the interviewed person,.

    if your fit for any job in the company that balances ur qualification and capability.

    first impression is the last impression.

    If u can assure them that ur confident about ur capacity and a hav clear concept  about what u say,,,  your in.......... ;D

  4. i  was wondering if any one can give some example type projects on bluetooth.

    say e.g. electronic switching,  or  remote controlling the appliances via bluetooth technology..

    i am being unable to find any usefull information of bluetooth technology for a similar project.

    plz help me out..... :o

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