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  1. I also found a 3M splice assembly tool (pn: 2500) and five packages with 5 pcs each of 3M optical fiber splice (pn:2525). I cant remeber when I bought this stuff but I need it gone. I would take any reasonable offer. I also have five 30 meter rolls of 10awg hook-up wire. Red, White, Green, Orange, and Black colored insulation.
  2. I am moving and found a box full of TYCO Certi-Crimp IIs: 91517-1 91503-1 91515-1 91510-1 (x2) 91526-1 They have never been used but I bought them in 2006. They where all calibrated in 2006 by TYCO and most come with certification of calibration. These run over $500 a piece so I would take any reasonable offer.
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