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  1. Hi!

    I would like to add to that circuit fine tuning for voltage and current. So i am asking where to put it on that circuit on first post?
    My minimum output is 40mV not 0V and i cannot correct it with RV1 it has no effect. 
    Did i do something wrong or is it normal to get 40mV?

    TNX in advance

  2. Hello!

    Thanks for answering, so as i understand you it is not possible do with this opamp. So if i want do this i must build the first version of power supply which ,as i read on the forum, is not so good and try it if it works for me  or is it possible just to find another opamp?

    Please advise me what to do if it is any solution ?

    Thank you in advance

  3. Hello!

    I read most of the new post over the latest PS. I have at home only 24VAC transformec which i want to use with the latest schematics of the PS. So like i read on the forum that my transformer will be not good to get 30V output.
    I am asking now if it is possible to change the schematics to get output with the TLE2141 opamp and 24VAC/6A transformer 30V?

    Here is my schematic which i tested and i noticed that is no effect on minimum and maximum output with the the last two trimmers. I only get 23V max and 0.112V min.

    Thank you in advance for helping

    Sory for my bad english:(


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