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  1. About the same here regarding this 1A16 But what i got is this 2SA16.pdf
  2. Sorry if my question was little fuzzy before but after 12 years my english has become a bit rusty !! like i wrote previous so was i more curious in this A16 - 1A16 model of pnp trans, just putting together a piggy back TIP2955 on a LM317 and it works great, Thank you Hero, //Kjell /Sweden.
  3. Now we getting somewhere !! In my mind i had a theory that if i wanna use for example a car battery as feed and it would be great if i could draw 5V - 3-5A out of this circuit. I'm sure that it is better solutions for this task out there but i got curious about that A16 thing !!!
  4. Hello Hero and thnx for the reply in this matter !! That thing with the screw was great thou im a old auto tech and heard almost everything in that vicinity,, Im sorry if my question was incomplete but i submit a copy on this schematic now.
  5. At last i got a theori from a totally different place and he wasn't shure either but he had a weak memory that it could be 1A16 and a PNP transistor but after several deep searches on the I-net it didn't make any kind of senses whatsoever ???
  6. In a few circuit diagrams i have they refer to a what seems to me is a transistor with B C E as a overload protector and with number A16 and i have looked for a few hours on the net and i can't find anything on this little fellow, Anyone knows what I'm looking for and wanna share that info Please .... Come on !! 48 visits !! some one must know what it is !!! PNP is it also...........
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