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  1. I'm looking for a service manual for the TEAC R-X1DAB receiver. I did a big mistake by putting 380 V on the power AC-DC adaptor and this adapter smoked and give zero V now. But with a other 12 V adapter, the LCD display is still OK and the controls seem to work correctly only the sound is not arriving in the speakers. I hope it is possible to repair this excellent DAB receiver.
  2. Sorry, mvs sarma, but DRM is not the same as DAB-T. To build a DAB receiver as an individual is not possible. You need to know the algorithm and this is protecting by a licence. The decoder chip is not free on the market. There are a lot of DAB receivers on the market. Sangaen, Pure, Tivoli, Tangent and Teac haves receivers or tuners in the product gamma. I bought the TEAC R-X1DAB on internet www.anaudio.co.uk He is smart from design and I enjoy the purity of the sound.
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