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  1. Thanks Audiguru. Ill have a look :)
  2. Im building a interface board which will be operating in a noisey enviroment and so, would like to filter the input. Ive read about PI filters but am not sure exactly how to calculate the values required. Theres a diagram here: http://www.tpub.com/content/neets/14178/css/14178_164.htm Are they known by another name becuase I cant find much in the search engines? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Paul! Thats a great solution! ;) Is there a general (or otherwise) way to calculate the size of the capcitors for use on the unregulated incoming DC? Ive read it should be around 1000 per Amp. Been searching and cant find much :-\
  4. Haha! I dont have heating so maybe its a good thing :D I have a heatsink in mind and its 150mm X 130mm X 55mm 0.5
  5. gg4rest, thanks for the advice. Im just going through everything and then will get back to you. (Didnt want to just leave this thread hanging)
  6. I was thinking of using a 16-bit ADC on an analogue devices 8051 (I have a couple of samples... :) ) Anyway for the application accurately amplifying this sort of signal what kind of amplifier would you guys recommend? To be honest one of the reason Im doing this is I really want to know more about analogue electronics and expand my digital knowledge because Im a software nut and I enjoy messing around with electronics. Ive done all sorts of high level programming in C++ and some embedded in C but my knowledge really falls short at the electronic design level (something Im hoping to change). Thanks for your ideas, even the simplest of advice helps.
  7. Frequency range... hmmm I really bad with analogue electronics, I dont really know. The voltage level has to be accurate. I guess if there was noise before the conversion then that would alter the accuracy of the digital output? Sorry for my lame-ness.
  8. I have a varying analogue signal of about 10mV. Does anyone have any clever ways of the most accurate way of measuring this (It has to be extremly accurate)? I have experience in programming PIC
  9. Hi i was wondering what area i should be looking into to making a laser diffuser for speed guns...? Any tips, oviously if i made one sucessfully i would post all the details :)
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