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  1. I planed this too, give more power to the transmitter, or add a small amplifier.
  2. Ok, thank you audioguru and Hero999 for your advises. I found something, a TV transmitter kit (UHF) : http://www.ermes.free.fr/kier134.pdf (the documentation probably doesn't exist in english, sorry). Maybe I will try this and see if with a signal amplifier I can reach my expected range.
  3. Wow, the difference between a simple audio transmitter and a video transmitter is so large ? Hum, maybe I have to find another solution for the onboard camera. One last question : if I want to increase the frequency on the FM transmitter (more than 108mhz), I have to change only few components (adjustable capacitor, coils) or this is too complicated ? Thanks again for your time ;D
  4. Thank for your answer. If I understood, I need an AM transmitter, working on a higher band (around 200MHz, TV band) and in this way I can use a conventionnal TV with his tuner to receive the signal. But I have little knowledge in electronics, how I can modify the schematic for this use ?
  5. Hi everybody, I was looking for a way to transmit video on a long range, 15-20km (10 miles) ; I need this for a UAV project, or model aircraft with a onboard Tv camera. But I found only too expensive or too heavy materials. When I saw this : http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/rf/001/index.html I thought, maybe I can plug the video RCA from the onbard camera instead of a microphone, and use a simple FM receiver plug on my AV enter from my TV. So there is my question : can I use this transmitter for a Tv camera ? is there enough bandwidth on the FM radio band ? do you know an other easy schematic, for video transmitting with enough power ? Thanks you ! :D PS : Sorry for misspellings, I am foreigner :-[
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